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567 Framing Outlines the Guide on Choosing the Right Paper for Fine Art Printing

The emergence of high-end gadgets and gizmos that are capable of shooting high quality images made photography available to everybody – almost. Thus digital and fine art printing became so in demand to individuals and professionals alike.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- If one is into digital or fine art printing, whether as a hobby or having the work done by a professional fine art printing service, the selection of paper to accomplish the task is important. Today, there’s a vast array of papers available and are suitable for fine art printing. The more the choices to choose from, the harder the task of choosing the appropriate paper gets. To help the public and photography enthusiasts 567 Framing – one of the leading fine art printing service s in NYC outlines the guide on choosing the right paper for fine art printing.

First and foremost, it is important to identify the type of coating that one prefers. There are basically two types of papers to choose from, the matte and the photo paper. The matte and the photo paper differs aesthetically and 567 Framing advised amateur and professional photographers to try both, for people’s preferences may differ. The choice of coating is very subjective and there’s no right or wrong, it all goes down to one’s preference. Just like some other things in photography, there are no absolutes and there are always exceptions.

Choosing the kind of substrate follows after the choice of coating has been made. Will the substrate be an art paper, a fiber paper or a resin-coated paper? Art papers are used for matte prints and can be made of a wide variety of materials; this includes cotton rag, alpha cellulose, bamboo, and sugar cane. Art papers usually have very good in-the-hand characteristics and an elegant and classy feel. Many entry-level photo papers make use of a Resin-coated (RC) base that uses plastic resins in the paper base. These photo papers provide very good image quality at an affordable price, however the perception towards this substrate is divided, some find it appealing for the photos appear realistic others just find the photos to appear a bit plastic. Many higher-end photo papers are fiber-based papers that use either a cotton rag or alpha cellulose base. At their best, they combine the quality elements of an art paper with the image quality characteristics of the best lustre papers.

Availability and Cost: availability narrows one’s choices so it is a must to assure that the paper of preference is available to the nearest retail stores. Another important consideration is the cost of the paper that will be used, prices may vary dramatically and there may be a chance that the paper won’t fit one’s budget.

These are the major considerations on choosing the best paper that will present the artwork very well. Other considerations include color, brightness and surface texture these are technical considerations that one may need the assistance of a professional.

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