Ringdahl Pest Control, Inc.

57 Years in Business Gives Ringdahl Pest Control a Reason to Celebrate

Florida-based Pest Control Business Proud to Be a Family-Run, Small Business for Over a Half-Century


Boynton Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2017 -- Nearly six decades in business is no small feat and something that few companies can boast to have consistently maintained for so long. But for Florida-based business Ringdahl Pest Control, it's just another day of diligently serving their clients in the Palm Beach County area. As a premier pest control company, Ringdahl's focus is providing environmentally-friendly Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with a trusted, personal touch to all they do. Whether the problem is carpenter ants, fire ants, ticks or rodents, Ringdahl is always available to get the job done promptly and effectively.

"I think our business has a strong foundation because, as a family run business, we are totally invested in what we do in terms of making the business work and providing the best service possible," shared Ringdahl Pest Control President Frank Peters Jr. "Of course, none of this would be possible though without an incredibly devoted client base which we've been grateful to be able to gradually grow over the last 57 odd years. The trust we have cultivated with them is what really ties it all together and sustains this continual growth."

As pioneers in the utilization of IPM, Ringdahl Pest Control has always put family safety first. All of Ringdahl's products are designed and implemented with children, pets, and the environment in mind. Being at the forefront of their industry in terms of products that work and products that are safe is just one way that they show their commitment to their clients.

"To us, it's not enough to simply provide pest control services," Peters added. "We believe it's important how we provide them. This means we will show up the same day – not next week. It means you will see the same face and won't get passed around on the phone to five different people. It means you get a company that doesn't evade responsibility. We treat our clients with respect which ultimately translates into pest control executed in the proper way so they can be comfortable again living in their homes and places of work – free from pests."

To learn more about Ringdahl Pest Control, visit their website today or call 561-737-6413.

About Ringdahl Pest Control, Inc.
Ringdahl Pest Control, Inc. was established in 1960 by Jim and Sandra Ringdahl. Jim, a graduate of the University of Florida's School of Entomology, owned and operated Ringdahl Pest Control for 45 years. Ringdahl has 57 years of experience in ridding client's home, office and/or recreational vehicles of roaches, ants, bees, wasps, fleas, ticks, rodents, as well as other unwanted pests! At Ringdahl Pest Control, they stand behind their work and guarantee success! Ringdahl offers affordable, excellent pest control service - the highest quality and care possible.