5k Training For Beginners

5k Now Achievable by Anyone Using This Incredible 6 Week Method

Runner and trainer Jago Holmes boils down years of experience in training others to run a 5k with his new unique training guide.


Halifax, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Jago Holmes, personal trainer and running coach, introduces his 5K Training For Beginners - From Couch To 5k Runner In 8 Weeks Or Less training book based on his years of developing and implementing fast and effective training techniques to meet the skill and stamina of running a 5k in the shortest possible time. The book covers theory, practice, success planning and injury prevention in training to run a 5k.

Jago is a successful trainer who has helped hundreds of runners from all walks of life and varying levels of fitness to meet their dream of running a 5k. In a 12 year career he has specialized in the work needed to train a runner from complete beginner or couch potato to running a 5k. He has taken beginners from no running experience to accomplished runners, and has condensed his training program down to an 8 week course in his new book.

About his 5K Training For Beginners - From Couch To 5k Runner In 8 Weeks Or Less book, Jago Homes says, "It's taken me years to test, trial and put together. It's a totally unique training program that's both fast and totally effective. It teaches beginners exactly how, when, where and what to do so they quickly learn the secrets of being able to run effortlessly for as long as they want to without injury, fatigue or fitness levels holding them back."

The goal of the 5k system is to teach people, with no prior special training or accomplishment, how to successfully go from couch to 5K runner by the end of an 8 week training schedule, and to do so comfortably. As a compliment to Jago's 5k training plan, the system will also help those who follow it to lose weight, and build and tone muscle. According to Jago Holmes, those who put the system into practice will run further, faster and with more duration, without experiencing typical fatigue. It promises those who follow the 8 week guide greater endurance and energy that others will notice.

The 5K Training For Beginners - From Couch To 5k Runner In 8 Weeks Or Less training book is available on Amazon right now. Go here to find out more - http://www.amazon.com/5K-Training-For-Beginners-ebook/dp/B0085VG410.

About Jago Holmes
Jago Holmes is a personal trainer and weight loss coach living and working in the UK. Based in Yorkshire, England, his 12 years in the fitness industry has given him the opportunity to help thousands of clients lose weight and improve their health.

Jago Holmes
Halifax, UK