5KPlayer Trebles Download Speed on Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

The free Microsoft surface APP, 5KPlayer for Windows 3.1, trebles YouTube download speed on Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 with new Intel Core i7 processor, and also natively play H.265/H.264 on Windows. Windows Surface, tablet and PC users can now try on Apple AirPlay streaming video music with 5KPlayer for Windows installed.


Chengdu, Sichuan -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2015 -- DearMob releases 5KPlayer for Windows version 3.1, hitting another success on Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 after earning 397,304 downloads on Windows 10 PCs. Major upgrade of this Microsoft Surface APP this time is the YouTube video download on Windows: Download speed approximately trebles with the new Intel Core i7 processor. Other improvements include: native support to play H.265, H.264, VOB on Windows, consolidated video music AirPlay on Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 just as on Mac or iPad.

5KPlayer makes quick response to Microsoft devices upgrade consecutively: Being a free Microsoft Surface APP to replace the $14.99 Windows DVD player on Windows 10, it is offering multi-media playback solutions on Windows platform swiftly. This is a cooperation mode that Microsoft creates devices, and DearMob innovates media solutions correspondingly.

Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 can now see a threefold speed-up when downloading YouTube videos on Windows with 5KPlayer, given an average bandwidth of 25Mbps in U.S. families. The Intel Core i7 processor which Microsoft adopted this year, can handle 4K UHD films at 60fps on 3 displays simultaneously. Seizing the remarkable upgrade in hardware, 5KPlayer presents the improvement in YouTube video download as main character this time.

The competition between Microsoft and Apple is stepping up since the release of Surface Book, and 5KPlayer AirPlay seems to add value to the latter. The 13.5-inch display may not be glitzy enough to clinch a deal - though nothing stops Microsoft from reaching the top end of laptop processing speed - but 5KPlayer seems to increment the $1499 laptop and the $899 tablet without charging users: By enabling equivalent AirPlay video quality while maintaining the convenience and compatibility of Windows OS. This is, without doubt, good news to both Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book users.

Customers in favor of Windows 10 office system can enlarge their video rig with more 4K UHD videos. Now that H.265, H.264, and VOB - UHD video format - matter more than ever, Windows Media Player shows no intent to offer support. Thus in joint effort with YouTube and Netflix, which supply an increasing number of 4K contents, 5KPlayer configures codec support for VOB, bolstering to play H.264, H.265 on Windows as well.

Microsoft this time comes with no Surface Book video player that can , yet it is cheerful to see Microsoft specializing on quality devices like Lumia 950/950 XL, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, HoloLens and other products. This specialism brings professionalism, and the professional 5KPlayer is rendering better video and music playback, downloading and streaming on Windows 10 devices, uplifting the user experience as a whole.

Pricing and Availability

5KPlayer is totally free and clean. Now the Version 3.1 for Windows and Mac are available for download at

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