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5x5 Factoring LLC a Delaware Corporation Announces the Successful Formation of GoldBenefits.Net

“Gold Benefits” is a new venture developed by 5x5 Factoring LLC that has been created with a goal to market physical gold and other precious metals to potential investors through licensed dealers. Investors will have a choice of several investment vehicles that will allow the purchase of physical gold and other precious metals to include one of the most popular, “the Gold IRA .” The Gold IRA will allow investors to move their existing retirement account into physical gold to include the ability to rollover their 401k plans into gold and other precious metals.


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- 5x5 Factoring LLC, a Delaware Corporation serving a wide range of industries through its customized factoring programs is proud to announce the launch of its new venture “GoldBenefits.net”. This new website will be led by a crack team of marketing experts with an aim to target the growing gold & precious metals markets.

After the recent financial crisis, there has been substantial growth in the popularity of gold and precious metals investments. In fact, astute investors from all parts of the world (especially governments and financial institutions) are making huge investments in gold nowadays. Moreover, the demand for gold and silver is at an all time high, which has led to an increased demand for dealer services.

This is where “Gold Benefits” can help! Gold Benefits will act as a comprehensive platform where investors will be able to access in-depth statistics, reviews, and current market trends pertaining to gold and silver. In addition, precious metals investors will gain knowledge on how gold IRAs are a great way to hedge their hard earned savings against inflation and other global crises.

According to Gold Benefits, the safest mode of saving for retirement in today’s uncertain economic future is Gold. Users can access their Free Gold IRA Information Package at: https://goldbenefits.net

Why Buy Gold?

- Every developed nation in the world is on a PAPER CURRENCY backed by absolutely nothing, this type of system has NEVER WORKED.

- For the first time in OVER 30 YEARS countries and central banks are BUYING GOLD and the demand only continues to rise.

- Gold is a precious metal and can not be manufactured.

- Gold has an intrinsic value.

About Gold Benefits
Gold Benefits is a brand new upcoming site from 5X5 Factoring LLC, which has been created with an aim to provide investors with an opportunity to learn more about the benefits of owning physical gold and silver , and how to secure there financial future utilizing gold and silver as an overall part of there investment strategy.

For more information, simply visit: https://goldbenefits.net

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