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6 Social Media Strategies to Skyrocket App Downloads

’Going viral’ can make Apple iPhone application developers tons of money, propel their app to the top of the app charts, and even move the world.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- Most Apple application developers who start coding for iOS aspire to create the next Instagram. But even innovative people often lack the marketing knowledge needed to create an app that makes a massive impact and skyrockets to the top of the charts. App Marketer, which has educational articles and magazines to help app developers to learn how to market apps, says social media is the answer. A solid social media strategy can supercharge a business but developing that strategy can be time consuming unless it’s done right.

Here’s a quick list of six strategies iPhone app developers can use to promote apps with social media in mind.

1. Create Entertaining and Engaging Videos – A standard plain old vanilla talking head video won’t be share-worthy. Be relate-able, but also think outside of the box. When developers have an awesome video, they should upload it to all the top social video sharing websites (not only YouTube) they can find. Use keywords in the captions of videos to help web surfers find it easily in search engines. Keep in mind that people usually won’t share advertisements, but they might share something that makes them smile.

2. Keep An Online Persona That’s In-line with the Image – Don’t be someone you’re not, but be intriguing, entertaining or just plain hilarious. Be an interesting person who’s fun to follow. For example, if your app business has a company mascot, try to leverage the persona of that unique character in web posts. Create a journey or story around the promotion.

3. Discuss Recent Information Related to the Apps Industry – Keywords are important on the web and in the App Stores. If developers stay current with their posts, they'll keep their audience coming back for more. People who have the same interests tend to stick together.

4. Study Analytics and Data – Knowing the demographics of followers can save developers time and money. Monitor and develop a social media strategy by following the analytics.

"We recommend that app marketers think about clever ways they can work with interstitials and promotions in their game." said Maria Alegre, Chartboost's CEO. "Experiment. See how your users respond to different tactics and use that data to strike a Direct Deal."

5. Create Incentives for Social Sharing – Try to incorporate social-friendly features in apps that encourage social sharing. Create in-app incentives that unlock new features when users tell friends. Experiment with different benefits to find the fun, enticing one that provokes the highest levels of sharing, and tweak social media strategies accordingly.

6. Stay on Top of the Latest Tools to Market Apps – Read up-to-date and reliable sources about the latest trends in marketing apps. App Marketer, an online software developing and marketing company from San Diego, CA, recently announced the release of an update to the app designed for the iPad. This will help beginners and serious Appreneurs stay abreast with up-to-date information on the app market.

App Marketer releases educational articles and magazines to help app developers and appreneurs gain insight and information on the trends, data, and strategies that can take them to the top of the charts in App Stores. Through their magazine, “What’s Working Now” Training course, strategic plans, blogs, newsletters, app reviews, Special Reports, App Marketer supercharges every single app launch and marketing campaign it touches.

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