60 Days To 1K Review

60 Days to 1K Review Launches a New Site to Promote Amazing Program

Users generate 1K in 60 days with launch of new web site and amazing program


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- Internet growth continues at an amazing rate, with more than two and a half billion indexed pages. Only those who learn to successfully market their product or service on the Internet will obtain success, due to the sheer size of this entity, and those looking to bring in long lasting income now have a way of doing exactly this, thanks to 60 Days to 1K, a program created by Aidan Booth, Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton. "To learn more about this amazing program and the 60 days to 1k bonus, be sure to visit 60 Days to 1K Review (http://60daysto1kreview.com)," Rob Cole, site founder, declares.

60 Days to 1K offers the advice one needs to create income streams that last for an extended period of time, something everyone may benefit from. The process involves four steps: publishing, authority sites, email funnels and Facebook. Using the program, one learns how to find a niche and become an authority, using videos, manuals and software to accomplish this goal. Once this has been done, it's time to become an authority site, using software to advertise products, obtain feedback from customers and provide bonuses.

"Many believe the first two steps are all that are needed to succeed in an online business, yet that's not the case. To really succeed, one needs to set the two steps on autopilot by establishing a funnel. The funnel is what drives new subscribers to bring in additional income. Once this has been done, it's time to increase the conversion rate, making use of Facebook to do so. Following these four simple steps, anyone can build a successful business and long term income stream using the Internet," Cole promises.

To ensure clients have the tools needed to achieve their personal goals, the 60 Days to 1K program comes with training manuals, training videos and live demonstration workshops found in the members area. The site drip feeds the information so one does not become overwhelmed, and users find information, such as the five kindle publishing tips and effective SEO marketing tips, to be of great help.

"Visit the site today to learn more about this amazing program. With the help of 60 Days to 1K, anyone can earn an income they only dreamed of in a short period of time. The Internet continues to grow at an amazing rate and anyone can take advantage of the rapid growth. This program explains exactly how to do so quickly and easily," Cole states.

About 60 Days to 1K Review
60 Days to 1 K Review provides information about a popular training system used by many to self publish and promote offerings. Rob Cole, a marketer with five years of experience, came across 60 Days to 1K, a program created by Tim Godfrey, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth and, after checking it out, created this site to share with others what he learned while doing so.