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60 Million Worth of Improvements for Kahului Airport


Kahului, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2013 -- Gov. Neil Abercrombie has announced that more than $60 Million will be spent improving Kahului Airport over the next few years as part of a major infrastructure improvement program in Hawaii.

It has been announced that Kahului Airport, Maui will receive over $60 Million as part of a restricting project Hawaii. The grant has been awarded by Gov. Neil Abercrombie as part of an overall $147.8 Million which has been put to one side to help improve transport connections.

The bulk of the finance has been set aside to help improve the apron at the airport. This is where the aircraft are parked. The improvements to Maui Airport will be phased to ensure that the minimum amount of disruption is caused to the airport as possible. The phasing plans are anticipated to be released in the near future.

$7 Million of the cash is designed to help improve road connections to Kahului Airport. This includes improvements to the roads and the consolidation of the car rental facilities found on site. This should hopefully bring all car rentals into one location to make it far easier for those arriving and departing from the airport. Overall it is anticipated that these changes will reduce traffic congestion at the airport and make it much more convenient for passengers arriving and departing.

The rest of the cash will be set to one side to improve general facilities within the airport. This includes the replacement of all elevators, moving walkways and escalators within Kahului Airport which have aged considerably over the years. This is intended to make it far easier for airport visitors to navigate their way around the terminal. The roof of the terminal will also be replaced during this phase which will improve the overall look of the building and ensure that the structure remains sound for many years to come.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie said “These projects will transform our transportation infrastructure, facilitate commerce, and improve visitor, resident and business travel throughout our state”

It is unknown when the improvement works will begin on Kahului Airport. It is anticipated that it will be in the near future however with the phased plan being released to the public soon. The airport is currently undergoing a tendering process to find the right company to carry out the work.

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