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John Enright is the leading financial planning industry process expert for teaching advisors how to work less, make more and have greater client impact.


Syracuse, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- What came first, the chicken or the egg? For financial advisors it’s what came first, the clients or the marketing? John Enright, founder of the 7 Figure Advisor System , says, “In the beginning of a planners career it’s the marketing…the more people they see, typically, the more successful they are in their career.

There comes a tipping point when an advisors practice begins to mature and more marketing doesn’t solve everything.” Enright believes that many successful financial advisors shift from always marketing to systematizing their current practices by creating processes and checklists. The systems in turn make it easy for the advisor to create unique and meaningful experiences for their clients. They are more organized, they drop the ball less and they are better prepared to serve the needs of their clients because they have thought through all of the day to day operations and client interactions.

Bruce Charelton, Private Wealth Advisor from Rochester, NY said, "I choose to use John’s system because it’s scalable and repeatable and it’s in my opinion in the best interest of my clients. It’s going to allow me to do a thorough job. It’s going to allow me not to miss anything because of the checklist provisions and if you want to make sure you do it right the first time, I think this is the way to do it."

The fact that the advisor and his or her team delivers a unique client experience with a consistent and personalized service model will set them apart from others. Advisors able to make that distinction for clients are often rewarded in many ways, including receiving more introductions and referrals. “As the advisor’s practice continues to grow they’ll find that they will attract new clients faster by over delivering to their existing clients and teaching them how to share their experience with others than they ever will by investing in the latest marketing idea. Nurturing the relationships and serving current clients is the key to sustaining long-term growth”, exclaims Enright.

At a recent 7 Figure Advisor training, Steve Dold , a paraplanner from a substantial practice in Indiana said, “Coming here, I’m seeing the solutions that John has put together, on having everything ready to go for our team and to see the logical flow of all of the day to day activities put in a very step by step process; and how that will duplicate our efforts and create ease in the back office is incredibly exciting. Hours and hours and hours of time have been going into our team trying to figure out solutions and John has already spent years developing a system that has got it all ready to go.”

John Enright is hosting a tele-seminar Thursday October 18, 2012at 11:30am in which he will be sharing many of his ideas and the wisdom he has acquired over the last ten years when he began moving from marketing to systematizing his practice. There were mistakes that John made when he began to add systems to his practice that he will be talking about in an effort to help other advisors avoid those same mistakes.

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About John Enright
John Enright is a nationally recognized financial planning process trainer. In the world of financial planning process John Enright is the leader and top industry process expert for teaching others how to work less, make more and have a greater client impact then ever before, and why experienced advisors and planners seek John out for his training and advice.

Mr. Enright teaches advisors how to do what he has done and continues to do. Enright has been profiled in various publications including; July 2004 cover page profile in The Wall Street Journal, named to the Four Under Forty of Advisor Today Magazine in June, 2006, and September/October, 2010 issue of Round Table Magazine.

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