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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- The diet business is a booming industry in the US, bringing in over 40 billion dollars a year. The competition to create a legitimate weight loss aid is immense. With so many products that spout false claims, the public is wary about trying anything new without being assured of the benefits. The only way to stand out in the diet market is to develop a product that actually does what it claims to do - burn fat.

DHEA is a natural pro-hormone, which means that it is a building block for hormones. The levels of hormones in human bodies affect mood and energy levels and more importantly metabolism. As people age, their hormone levels drop, and that can result in weight gain. 7-Keto was developed to boost the metabolism like a hormone, but it’s not a hormone. It is a by-product of DHEA. The user gets the benefits without the hormonal complications.

7-Keto.us was launched to provide clear, concise information about 7 Keto DHEA, a powerful new diet supplement that claims to blasts belly fat. According to 7-Keto.us the products has become popular because it increases the body’s ability to lose weight. The editorial content on 7-Keto.us also explains to visitors the additional benefits of the supplement, including building lean muscle, anti-aging effects, and the improvement of mental health.

7-Keto acknowledges the importance of support from a leading heart doctor. Dr. Oz featured 7 Keto on his show during his segment “7 Day Metabolism Boosting Plan”. Video of the show is displayed in an easy to watch form directly on the site.

7-Keto.us’ high quality original content explains in plain-English how 7-Keto raises metabolism. There is a clear breakdown of fat burning, immune system and toxicology studies, with accompanying graphs and statistics. A comprehensive FAQ guide answers specific questions that arise for people looking for an herbal diet supplement- namely safety, efficacy, and benefits.

A spokesperson for 7-Keto.us says, “It will help you lose weight but also give you energy, strengthen your immune system and improves memory. This would be a great supplement if it only did what it does for weight loss, but when you add all of these great side benefits into the mix, you have one of the most beneficial supplements known to man.”

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