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7 Small Changes to Lower Heating Bills During This Cold Snap

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Evanston, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2018 -- This is one streak that Chicagoans would prefer not to repeat. The prolonged frigid temperatures have been wreaking havoc throughout the area—causing everything from dead car batteries to time off from school and work to severe cases of hypothermia and frostbite.

For the team at American Vintage Home, the severe weather has meant a frenzy of activity as its skilled and experienced technicians work tirelessly to handle the problems that freezing temperatures can cause in older homes, including unexpected furnace repairs in Evanston, IL, and throughout the area.

Even though some people may have dodged bullets such as frozen pipes, malfunctioning heating systems and other weather-related catastrophes, every homeowner in this community faces the same challenge: higher heating bills. With this year's record cold, those costs will soar even higher.

Residents can't do anything about the bone-chilling temperatures. But they can take steps—many of them fairly simple and inexpensive—to lower higher energy bills, including:

Clean the furnace filter. When the filter is dirty, the air doesn't circulate properly and the system doesn't operate efficiently. That's a costly mistake that's easy to fix.

Cover up those bare floors. Although tiled or hardwood floors may look great, they can make rooms much colder. Cozy up indoor spaces with area rugs that will reduce drafts and add warmth. With rugs underfoot, walking around feels more pleasant, too.

Eliminate any drafts. When cold air seeps in through gaps around windows or underneath doors, it can significantly impact the comfort level inside the house. Simple steps such as placing a towel or draft dodger at the bottom of a door or using tape around the outside of a window pane can go a long way toward greater comfort.

Let the sun shine in. Take advantage of the power of the sun to warm as much of the house as possible. Open the curtains during the day to allow the natural warmth to pour in. Then, close the curtains when the sun goes down to retain the heat. It's absolutely free and it's extremely effective.

Redecorate the living room. Placing the sofa next to the radiator might seem like a smart plan, but it's an inefficient plan for the heating system. When furniture is next to the radiator or curtains are on top of it, they can block the proper flow of heat throughout the room, making the room colder.

Shut those doors. Make sure to shut doors of rooms that aren't being used. This prevents valuable heat from going to waste as the system works overtime to warm up spaces that don't need heat.

Turn down the thermostat. Turning down the thermostat just a degree or two can result in significant savings without compromising comfort.

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