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70's Music Coming Back as Nu-Disco: 45trona Ut's New Album Release "Lightspeed"


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- A young accomplished electronic music producer and DJ 45trona Ut (now age 25) or “Astronaut” is now releasing his second professional recording album titled “Lightspeed” placing him among many other talented musicians in the world trying to revive 70’s music from a modern point of view, such as the electronic music Grammy Award winning duo Daft Punk.

Classically trained DJ and producer commonly known by his pseudonym“45trona Ut” releases his second record titled “Lightspeed” under the label RLU Records. After the release of his debut album “Funkspatial” 45trona Ut goes back in time and pays tribute to the sound of the 70’s with Lightspeed. This album takes inspiration from the Nu Disco or French Touch movement that emerged as early as 2002 as a reaction to a renewed interest for 70’s and 80’s music.

Now, this recording is being released exclusively on the Google Play Music Store which will take place on February 11, and a general release on Mach 11, 2014 will make the album available digitally on all major music stores such as  iTunes , eMusic , Amazon; physical copies will be available through

45trona Ut’s music has won the attention of several international and national critics describing his music as “downright addictive in every way. Infectious, hypnotic stuff, regardless of genre”

The music for this upcoming release was brilliantly created. Everything seems to be composed in a way to get you into a feeling of a rhythm, a beat, or an emotion. You can   preview and preorder the impressive results  of this album on and follow 45trona Ut on Twitter and Facebook for more updates on this release:

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About RLU Records
RLU Records (Rugitui Leonis Universalis, Latin for Lion's Roar Universal) is a young upcoming American record label non-restricted to a specific music genre, just great music. It is also home of RLU Productions, manages artists such as {45trona Ut} and is heavily involved in the production of great electronic, house, dance albums.

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Lightspeed – 45trona Ut – RLU002 (CD)
Cincinnati, OH 45201