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7AutoInsQuotes.com Helps Drivers Save Money Through Its New Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison System


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2012 -- 7AutoInsQuotes.com has just added a new car insurance comparison system to its website that allows drivers to compare rates from the top-rated automobile insurance companies in the United States.

The website, which was also just completely redesigned, can now help people anywhere in the country find the most trusted brands in car insurance that are not only local to them, but are also economical and easy on the budget.

Because there are so many different car insurance companies—each one with its own coverage options and add-ons—it has traditionally been difficult and even overwhelming to effectively compare and contrast different policies and what they offer. Checking rates at different car insurance companies has typically involved making multiple phone calls or visiting many different offices in person. This is why researching auto insurance quotes in order to find the right coverage is often challenging and time-consuming for so many people.

“If you rely on your local insurance agent, you will not probably get the best value for many,” an article on the website noted, adding that this is because most agents only have access to a limited number of insurance brokers, and if these are expensive or do not provide the required coverage, drivers are left with a dilemma.

“Besides, getting the minimum auto insurance coverage required by your state is not easy for everyone. If you are new driver, young driver, bad driver or had previous driving offences, chances are that insurance companies will either require you to pay a higher premium or not cover you at all.”

Because 7AutoInsQuotes.com strongly believes that every driver should have access to the correct and best car insurance for a good price, the website has teamed up with a large group of insurance carriers across the country to help people find the best possible quote on their premiums.

With the new system that is available from http://www.7AutoInsQuotes.com, visitors to the website can compare online insurance rates very easily and all from the comfort of home. All that visitors have to do to start the process is enter in their zip code in a box located on the home page. The company that started 7AutoInsQuotes.com also founded CarInsuranceHub.com in 2009, so it has plenty of experience in helping people get the best possible rates for their car insurance.

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7AutoInsQuotes.com is a company that is dedicated to helping consumers compare auto insurance quotes in order to find the cheapest quote. Its mission is to save consumers up to hundreds of dollars a year on auto insurance. It does this via unbiased comparisons of the largest possible pool of car insurance companies in the country. For more information, please visit http://www.7autoinsquotes.com

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