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7's Electronic Cigarettes Hailed 'The Smoker's Smart Choice'


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- If someone is seen lighting up in an enclosed public space, there’s a good chance they’ve made the savvy choice of replacing their traditional smokes for an electronic cigarette. As a fantastic alternative to tobacco, millions of smokers are making the switch each year. While there’s plenty of manufactures to buy from, no company is experiencing rapid growth and brand recognition like 7’s Electronic Cigarettes.

The Texas-based company has grown from its early humble beginnings to its industry-leading position as the go-to company for the latest electronic cigarette technology, highest quality and rock-solid customer service. Opting for a suave image that boasts finesse and class, thousands of customers every month are making the switch to of the many 7’s products.

“We’ve built our company through solid branding, open lines of communication and strict quality control. This is why traditional smokers are switching to 7’s electronic cigarettes and existing e-cig users are replacing their old brand for ours,” says Kyle Newton, President of the company.

Continuing, with the help of Justin Matthew “We’ve also built up the largest social media following within the industry. By casually connecting with those who buy from us we are out to prove that our users are not just customers, but refined people who are opting for an image and lifestyle most other e-cigarette manufactures can’t offer.”

To date the company has an extensive product catalog that contains its flagship ‘Two Kit’ and ‘Power Kit’ starter packs, a huge range of flavored cartomizers and expansive arsenal of accessories. Every item was designed and produced in the United States using the latest developing technology. Allowing customers to smoke nearly anywhere, Newton expects millions more traditional smokers to switch the electronic cigarettes in the near future.

“The switch is gradual, but it’s picking up pace. We’ve established ourselves as an industry leader and we look forward to introducing millions of new 7’s users to our family. If there is no tar no smoke– why wouldn’t they join us?” he adds.

Customer feedback has been nothing but exceptional.

A 7’S customer was equally as impressed, adding, "I want to tell you that you are a wonderful company to do business with. You honor the quality of your products, you charge a small shipping fee, and your mailings are always on time. Your email notices of shipping out are also greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work and you will always be on top of the others.”

With such glowing testimonials and a growing affinity to thousands, 7’s Electronic Cigarettes are clearly an industry force to be reckoned with.

For information on the company and their products, visit: http://www.my7s.com

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