7'S Electronic Cigarettes Has Been Voted Top in the Industry

7's Electronic Cigarettes Reported Best In Class 5/5 Rating with massive expansion of their headquarters and retail stores nationwide.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2013 -- 7's Electronic Cigarettes Reported Best In Class 5/5 Rating with massive expansion of their headquarters and retail stores nationwide. International Release

7'S electronic cigarettes has been voted top in the industry after a review and testing of over 40 brands. Additionally 7'S recently expanded to keep up with booming demand.

We have all heard a lot about electronic cigarettes in the news or online lately, they’ve been around for a while, but with so many choices who are the winners?

Electronic cigarettes are the perfect gift for those looking to quit smoking or just looking for an alternative to the traditional cigarette

My 7's E Cigarette has been steadily increasing products and sales 4 years in a row and for good reason.

Now that the people have started recognizing 7'S potential, a substantial growth in its popularity has occurred. A power house on social media and in product development 7'S is a contender.

One of the reasons for the booming popularity is the availability of a wide range of e-kits that are made for individual needs. 7'S has an enormous collection of e-kits for beginners and also for advanced smokers as you can see on the website.

My 7’s E Cigarette Affordability

You can have the best of the e smoking experience with 7's E Cigarettes, without spending all your hard earned cash. After trying over 40 brands now we can say 7'S has the best quality, technology and customer service.

For example, 7's mini e-cigs starter kit is available for $29.99 which, is a steal given its quality and endurance capability. There are various products offered for various prices, which are custom made to suit everyone’s budget and needs.

You can get the most advanced kit for as less as $100. Not many e cigarette sellers sell their starter kits at such a low price. very rare to see today 7's is not in a hurry to make profits from a one time sale. That is the sign of a leader in an industry full of buy now buy now!

They believe in the fact that customers who have tried their products are definitely going to come back. That is belief in your company!

With so many fly by night companies around this is what makes 7's special and I promise you check them out and you will be a customer for life.

Why 7'S kits stand alone. 7'S One Kit comes with all the basic requirements of an electronic cigarette and you can start enjoying it straight away.

It contains a battery, a USB charger and four cartridges. You can choose the level of nicotine content that is apt for you along with the flavor of your choice.

The catch here is, not many e cigarette manufacturers allow you to choose the flavor of your choice when you are purchasing the starter kit. It has to be either medium or plain tobacco flavor. But 7's E Cigarettes allows you to choose from a vast range of flavors

Now to The Hybrid Kit has no competition in this industry and is truly the Mercedes Benz of it's kind, because of its unconventional style and the contents this kit has to offer. These e cigarettes are different from regular e cigarettes in terms of both look and performance.

Enhanced Vapor Production
3.5x performance of our micro
Manufactured to meet the demands of the power- smoker, the Hybrid packs a mighty punch. With “Enhanced Vapor Production”,

Save Up To 85% Over Tobacco.
Instant relief on your wallet.

7’s Hybrid Kit for electronic cigarette smokers that are looking for a longer lasting smoke, more vapor and maximum savings. E-Liquid offers up a whole new world of cost savings opportunities. Giving you complete freedom to do more things unlike ever before

The built-in “Smoke n' Charge" feature allows you to smoke your Hybrid while it is plugged in with the USB Cable. Never worry about running out of power.

Designed with “Power Smart” protection circuits to prevent overcharging. The 7’s Hybrid Battery consistently delivers dependable power that is very easy to recharge. When the light turns off, it’s ready.

7'S E-Liquids

Once again very savvy company they focus on the right products and then make them the highest quality7's has every flavor you could imagine. The key here is many companies produce theirs in a warehouse overseas then shipped for who knows how long! 7'S eliquids are produced in house proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A!

You can choose your favorite from
Tobacco Menthol Apple Banana Berry Blueberry Caramel Chocolate Cinnamon Coconut Cola Cream Grape Kiwi Mango Mocha Orange Peach Peanut Butter Pineapple Spearmint Strawberry Tobacco Black
Tobacco Smooth Vanilla Watermelon Wintergreen Cigar.

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