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8 Social Media Trends Essential for Business Marketing in 2014 Unveiled


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- The top 8 current social media trends for 2014 and beyond are explained by Mod Girl Marketing, giving businesses insight and leverage in the effective use of social media and how to incorporate it into their marketing plan. By noting and including these 8 essential social media trends into a business marketing plan, businesses will gain new customers and clients through social media rather than just spinning their wheels. Mod Girl Marketing provides insights into how to use social media for business in an effective and efficient manner that leads to new customers/clients and retains current ones.

Mod Girl explains what Google+ means for businesses in 2014, and how to make the best use of it. With 300 million active monthly users, Google+ is a serious competitor to Facebook and Twitter. Businesses need to consider how shoppers are using their smartphones and to what extent their business coordinates their mobile platform with current trends in shoppers’ smartphone use.

Social media is free to set up, but the main players in social media often require a certain amount of advertising investment in order to maximize its potential. What opportunities and options are available and how can businesses utilize these wisely? Another related point developed by Mod Girl Marketing is what do businesses need to do to effectively utilize their social media pages and engage potential customers and clients, creating a following? How can user-generated content be leveraged to develop interest in the business, and how do use of images figure into today’s highly-visual social media campaigns? What social media platforms are featuring images as a main form of content?

While video content on company websites, or on sites such as YouTube, have long been a staple of business marketing development, businesses are increasingly featuring micro-videos to capture the attention of potential customers. What current trends in micro-videos can help businesses use this powerful form of marketing?

Finally, careful planning and coordinated theme development helps businesses to maintain the interest level in their social media platforms. Companies should consider what weekly themes they can develop in order to maintain a loyal following.

Mod Girl Marketing keeps alert to ongoing and current trends in social media and online marketing to ensure the success of their clients, and to provide timely and accurate information so that business marketing efforts make the most effective and efficient use of available channels.

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