84% of Motorists Will Not Buy a Car Without Service History


East Barnet, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- 84% of Motorists will not buy a car without a service history according to a survey carried out by Servicing Stop.

In April 2013 the Motoring price comparison and deals company Servicing Stop took a survey amongst its 155,000 newsletter subscribers to find out Motorist attitude to Car Service History in the buying process. The survey asked three basic questions:

Are you likely to buy a car with no service history?
If Yes, by what percentage would you expect the selling price to be reduced?
Does it matter if the Car service was carried out by the manufacturer's main dealer or an independent (reputable) garage?

Below are the results of the poll.
Are you likely to buy a car with no service history?
Motorists often consider Car service history when deciding whether or not to purchase a used car. It is sometimes considered an indication of how well the user has looked after the car but also several other reasons including:

Better fuel economy – this saves money in the long run by ensuring cheaper driving.
Safety – by ensuring safety components like tyres, brakes and suspension are in working order.
Ensuring other components are not also damaged in the process.

The results indicate that 84% of Motorists are unlikely to purchase a used car without service history.
If yes, by what price reduction would you expect when buying a car with no service history?
Some people are willing to take a risk and buy a used car with no service history but at what price? The second question asked if a buyer is prepared to purchase a car with no service history, then what price reduction would they expect. The aim is to find out in general how much cheaper would buyers be expecting to pay for a car with no service history.

The choices were between 0%, 10%, 15% and 25%. The majority of respondents (39%) choosing a 25% price reduction as what they would expect to pay for a car with no service history.

Does it matter if the service history is from the main dealer versus a reputable garage?

It used to be the case that you had to take your car to the manufacturer's dealer for service in order to preserve it’s warranty. However, since the European Block Exemption cam in 2003 motorists can use independent garages without affecting the vehicle's warranty. This made it possible for Motorists to get their cars serviced at reputable garages without affecting the car's warranty so long as the garage uses "OE" equivalent parts. Independent garages are often cheaper for labor and materials than the manufacturer's main dealer.

The third question aimed to answer whether the perception of car service history matters if done by independent garages.

An overwhelming 76% of Respondents do not care if the car they are buying has service history from a main dealer or reputable garage.

About Servicing Stop
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