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8404 Rivers of Babylon: Navy Corpsman Pens a Non-Fiction About His Fascinating Journey Through the War in Iraq

Calling on his own experience as a Navy Doc, Luke One swaps his scalpel for a pen and takes readers on an exciting adventure through the streets of Babylon.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- Unlike most military writers, Luke One has first-hand experience of his literary genre. Having served many years as a real-life Navy Doc, One has vital insight into the life and work of those who fight on the frontlines. As his literary debut, One today announces the release of 8404 Rivers of Babylon.

The story focuses on the real-life activities of Navy Corpsmen in combat and more. Interjected with fictional characters and facets of courage, mystery, jokes and inspirational encounters between the book’s protagonist and his patients, the book provides a unique look inside the war in Iraq.

Official synopsis:

“Doc One – A Navy Corpsman, designated Combat Medical Technician 8404 Fleet Marine Force (FMF) enters Iraq to fight alongside the Marines of 3RD Battalion 11TH Marines Regiment. He takes you through combat action in Iraq battling insurgency, saving lives and discovering another war within the war.

Chapter by chapter he takes you from 29 Palms California to Kuwait, Ramadi, Basra and Fallujah. The tales told within these pages are heart wrenching and leads you to see the destructive impact of war on the Human Race and the revelation of a Higher presence on the battlefield. 8404 Rivers of Babylon is the Hero’s Journey of Luke One.”

As the author explains, the book’s timing is key to its message in light of recent developments in Iraq.

“Because of the current situation with wars and the condition of war Veterans today, the book’s message is a strong antidote and will help heal the Nation from the wounds of conflict. This book is like a modern day Red Badge of courage,” One explains.

Critics are praising the book for its relevance and significance to the current uprising in the Middle East, especially among countries such as Syria, Israel and Egypt.

“Based on true events, the story is very gripping, entertaining and educative. I wanted to offer an insider’s-look into the life and work of Navy Corpsmen, wrapped up in an engaging and compelling tale,” One adds.

8404 Rivers of Babylon, published by One through Amazon and his website.

For more information, please visit the author’s official website: http://www.one-force.info

About Luke One
Luke “Doc” One is an American war veteran originally from Ghana, West Africa. His journey as a warrior began when he joined the US Navy. As a Navy Corpsman serving with the US Marines of 3RD Battalion, 11TH Marine Regiment, Doc deployed 7 times over a period of 8 years Serving Humanity Worldwide.

Doc lives in Los Angeles. He writes about life as a Corpsman in the Fleet Marine Force, serving with Marines in combat, and the path of self and spiritual discovery. His first book is 8404 Rivers of Babylon.