84444 Announces Their New "Text to Landline" Service


King of Prussia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2014 -- 84444.ca is a text message marketing company that offers businesses the chance to market themselves through their “do-it-yourself” text message marketing platform. In their efforts to make their services effective for businesses that have a branded vanity phone number/landline, the professionals from 84444 are pleased to offer their new text to landline service.

This new service, aptly called “Text To Landline,” will be introduced in December 2014. The idea behind it is to give businesses that have a landline as their branded vanity number the chance to both send out and receive text messages via their landline phone number.

In addition to allowing businesses to both send and receive texts via their landline, it will also save them from the expense of having to pay their employees’ cell phone bills. For example, fitness centers that have multiple trainers on staff often use personal text messages as a way to stay in sync with their clients. Oftentimes, the personal trainers cell phone bills are paid by the fitness center and the costs can be quite high. However, with a service such as 84444’s “Text To Landline,” the trainers can simply log onto a website and interact with their clients that way. Plus, not only will a service such as this save fitness centers money, but it will allow for the protection of their employees by not having them give out their cellphone number to clients who may end up abusing the business relationship that they have with their trainer.

There is no denying that the world of mobile text message marketing is evolving. Companies like 84444 are always on the lookout to provide their clients with the most innovative text message marketing products and services, and their new “Text To Landline” service is certainly a step in the right direction. To learn more about this new service please visit their website or give them a call at 416-800-2490.

About 84444
84444 is a mobile message marketing company that creates text message campaigns for companies that wish to promote text message marketing, sms marketing, mobile sweepstakes, mobile coupons, and mobile marketing. Since 2005, this company has worked on over 60,000 mobile marketing projects. With a Canadian and United States site, this marketing site has developed applications for media partners throughout Canada and the USA. Those who are interested in learning more about mobile marketing itself can also register for ATS Mobile’s “Mobile Marketing Knowledge College.” ATS Mobile’s Mobile Marketing College offers individuals the chance to view free innovative webinars that offer all of the latest tips in mobile marketing, as well as discusses the latest trends in the mobile marketing realm.

To learn more, visit 84444.ca if in Canada or 84444.com if in the United States.