84444 Now Offering Text Message Marketing Services for Restaurants


King of Prussia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- 84444 is pleased to announce that they’re offering text message marketing services for restaurants. For restaurants that want to grow their business, they should opt-in to 84444’s text message marketing platform. Also, since many people utilize their mobile device practically 24/7, it’s time for restaurants to reach out to their customers by using text message marketing.

When hunger sets in, people pick whatever they can get in terms of food. Therefore, restaurants that utilize text message marketing will be able to target their customers during the times that they start to feel hungry the most. For example, if a hungry customer receives a text regarding a lunch special around 11:30 a.m., they will more than likely order some food from that particular restaurant. Generally, it’s also a spontaneous decision customers make once their stomach starts to rumble. So, most people will be more inclined to choose one restaurant over another if they receive a special, deal, or discount via text.

A text message marketing plan can help restaurants grow and gain more traffic and thereafter generate more revenue. However, text messages that have an embedded link that leads to the online menu, a phone number or online ordering page on the restaurants mobile website may also mean more sales.

When it comes to browsing online for food options, customers take a few things into consideration such as an easily accessible website with the address, phone number and online menu. If the website is a bit disorganized, customers will more than likely move onto another site to order some grub.

In fact, a study from the National Restaurant Association shows 61% of potential customers will leave an un-optimized mobile website. They want to be able to locate the phone number, order takeout or delivery on their phone, make reservations as well as utilize a restaurant reward or special deal all by using a mobile device. If they cannot find any of these components, they will take their hunger pangs elsewhere.

To learn more about text message marketing, why it’s so beneficial to a restaurant’s business, and how it can get more traffic to a website visit 84444.com today.

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