84444 Releases New Infographic on the History of the Text Message


King of Prussia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2014 -- 84444, a mobile marketing company, has recently released a new infographic titled “The History of the Text Message.” With this new infographic, the professionals from 84444 are offering their audience a brief, yet informative look into the evolution of the text message.

Text message usage, as well as mobile phone usage itself, has skyrocketed since the first mobile phone call was made over forty years ago by Motorola employee Martin Cooper, and the first text message was sent by Neil Papworth of Sema Group Telecoms to Richard Jarvis of Vodafone. Now, over 90% of people who own a mobile device have it on them 24/7, and text messages—as the 84444 infographic indicates—have evolved to the point that they are being sent more than phone calls are being made.

Due to the popularity of text messaging, companies such as 84444 were established to help businesses learn how to market themselves, as well as raise brand awareness by using “short codes.” By using a short code, businesses are able to utilize the power of the text message to offer customers special offers, deals, discounts as well as encourage people to vote as the TV show American Idol did back in 2003—and still does, in order to determine a winner each season.

As 84444’s new infographic points out, text messaging may be only 20 years old, but the evolution of a text as a means for marketing has been extremely rapid. Even U.S. President Barack Obama realized that text messaging was an effective marketing tool and announced his running mate Joe Biden back in 2008. Also, as of 2014, 54 million Americans are now redeeming coupons that were sent to them through a text message.

84444’s new infographic highlights key points of the evolution of a text message. A moment such as the inception of the text message is noted, as well as other instances in which it has proved effective as a marketing tool. The original infographic can be viewed by visiting the 84444.com blog.

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