84444.ca Explains How Individuals Can Control Text Message Spam


King of Prussia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- 84444.ca is a text message marketing service that promotes the legal use of text message marketing through the use of opt-ins, ensuring that anyone receiving their texts has signed up to receive them. Bob Bentz, President of ATS Mobile and owner of 84444.ca, values close protection of the privacy and the integrity of his Canadian clients, and would like to shed light on several ways individuals can recognize and diminish text message spam. After all, Bentz and his company take spam very seriously, and individuals will only receive text message notifications from 84444 after they have opted-in.

Text message spam is a relatively new type of invasive marketing and can be kept to a minimum by using great discretion before disclosing any personal information to a third party. Often, when someone is filling out forms for a service or membership, there may be “check boxes” or something along those lines that need to be unchecked or opted-out of. If a user forgets to do this, they may receive text message spam. Individuals signing up for things with online application forms should also know the company they’re working with. When receiving e-mails requesting personal information, double-check to make sure the sender is a well-known source.

Text message spam needs to be regulated before it reaches the magnitude of e-mail spam. When someone receives text message spam, there are steps that can be taken immediately. When a spam text message has been received, immediately forward the text to the number “7726” (SPAM). This is an instant short code set up by GSMA.org, a Canadian Publishing and Media firm. 7726 has been bringing companies who exploit text message marketing to justice, and has been featured on many websites including lifehacker.com. When an individual is a victim of a spam text, they should immediately forward the text to 7726, which then prompts them to take the proper legal actions behind regulating the company responsible for the infraction.

When someone uses 84444.ca to spread their message to a list of clients, they are required to document the methods used to compile their lists. This ensures that 84444 is not contributing to spamming problems. Requiring an opt-in before receiving text message marketing creates a more receptive consumer base that will show more effective marketing than an e-mail marketing campaign.

Know how to react when inconvenienced by text spam. Taking the right steps will keep phones clean and businesses in check. For legitimate and legally performed text message marketing campaigns in Canada that won’t bring in fines and reprimands, contact 84444.ca today at 416-800-2490 or at 610-688-6000 if in the Unites States.

About 84444
84444 is a mobile message marketing company that creates text message campaigns for companies that wish to promote text message marketing, sms marketing, mobile sweepstakes, mobile coupons, and mobile marketing. Since 2005, this company has worked on over 60,000 mobile marketing projects. With a Canadian and United States site, this marketing site has developed applications for media partners throughout Canada and the USA.

To learn more, call them at 416-800-2490. Individuals can also visit 84444.ca if in Canada or 84444.com if in the United States.