84444.ca Offers First-Rate Advice on Running Text Message Sweepstakes and Contests


King of Prussia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- 84444.ca is a website offering a convenient mass-text messaging service. They offer their service to businesses that wish to market products and spread information. Now, they are running sweepstakes through their service and want to provide information to individuals seeking to do the same with some useful tips.

Offering a sweepstakes via a text message marketing campaign can be a great way to attract new consumers. People are more likely to sign up for messaging services if they think there is a perk or reward for regular use of the product. Sweepstakes and giveaways are great ways to do this. However, the way a company presents their perks and bonuses is key to effective production. 84444.ca also advises that it’s integral to inform the consumer that they are opting-in to a text messaging service when they sign up for the sweepstakes.

Instant gratification is a great way to attract new consumers and get them into the swing of signing up for events that an organization produces. So, when it comes to the sweepstakes itself, businesses should tell consumers about how much of a chance they have to become an instant winner. Businesses should also be sure to include the percentage probability that they will instantly win, even if it’s as small as a fraction of a percent.

It should be obvious that choosing a winner and delivering prizes is key to any test message sweepstakes. Therefore, inform participants of the drawing dates, and then disable entries after a certain point. In order to give the sweepstakes some semblance of fairness, an organization has to figure out ways to properly limit sweepstakes registrations. This goal is easily within reach by limiting text submissions.

Tell consumers that they are limited to one submission per contest, or per day depending on the magnitude of the contest. If people do send in multiple submissions, have a system in place to fire messages back to consumers to let them know they’ve already opted-in to the sweepstakes. This keeps consumers informed and deters attempts at cheating or flooding the books with submissions.

84444.ca runs successful events in Canada and keeps people informed. The idea behind this service is to spread information immediately, accurately and widely. 84444.ca is more than most text message marketing companies, it is the means to which information can be spread. People interested in this service should visit them at 84444.ca, or call them at 416-800-2490.

About 84444
84444 is a mobile message marketing company that creates text message campaigns for companies that wish to promote text message marketing, sms marketing, mobile sweepstakes, mobile coupons, and mobile marketing. Since 2005, this company has worked on over 60,000 mobile marketing projects. With a Canadian and United States site, this marketing site has developed applications for media partners throughout Canada and the USA.

To learn more, call them at 416-800-2490. Individuals can also visit 84444.ca if in Canada or 84444.com if in the United States.