84444.com Shares Insight Into How Political Text Message Marketing Is Effective


King of Prussia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- 84444.com offers legal and reliable text messaging services. They provide text message marketing services and solutions for a wide variety of businesses that seek to market all sorts of products and services. However, one thing in particular that they have noticed is that text message marketing can prove effective for a political campaign. In fact, President Barack Obama showed the power of text messaging marketing with a three million-person text messaging group that assisted him with winning the election back in 2008.

Interactive engagement through text messaging is a relatively new way to market political campaigns that is becoming increasingly effective as time goes on. In fact, mobile strategies involving innovative text marketing platforms, mobile microsite production, turnkey mobile promotion management and execution, mobile ad targeting, social media targeting and mobile app development are becoming integral to effective campaigns in political arenas.

However, there are rules and regulations in the world of political marketing and campaigning, and 84444 makes sure to follow them strictly and completely. The professionals at 84444 ensure that their opt-ins include disclaimers verifying that people realize they are signing up for a service and will not be receiving texts unexpectedly. 84444 also provides text messaging marketing that is legal and directed specifically towards target audiences, so there is no spam element involved. It’s important to get these opt-ins because politicians generally want to avoid spamming sanctions on their public record. Once these opt-ins are created and the target audience is reached out to, the campaigning can truly begin.

Successful text message marketing companies provide an invaluable service that increases web traffic and donations for political candidates. Voting day and rally reminders keep interested parties involved in the campaign. Text message marketing plans can also work to mobilize young voters and organize volunteers. Last but not least, through the viral nature of texting, organizations can instill a thought or concept into thousands of minds at once—and this phenomenon alone verifies the value of efficient text message marketing.

It’s more important than ever to not only have effective marketing through mobile devices, social media and e-mail, but to also make sure that it’s done legitimately by the books. For effective and legally performed promotions through text messaging marketing services, don’t hesitate to contact ATS Mobile’s 84444.com at 610.688.6000, or visit them on the web.

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