85 Tips to Help Rise Higher: Personally, Musically, Spiritually - a New Book Releases


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2013 -- It’s not every day that individuals that are looking to be successful in different fields are pointed back to the practical and basic fact that one must be successful within themselves, first, but that’s what music minister, musician, composer, songwriter, producer, graphic artist, business owner and now author Octavia Harris endeavors to do with her new eBook 85 Tips To Help You Rise Higher: Personally, Musically, Spiritually.

The eBook, available January 3rd, 2013, isn’t filled with chording techniques or songwriting skills, productions tricks or stage show tips, but what it does contain are practical insights and deep revelations that often go overlooked and can many times be the difference between talented people simply being very good, or becoming very great.

Octavia exhibits a penchant for making the foundational things, as well as some deeper truths, both plain and applicable in all of her dealings, and 85 Tips does not veer from that signature. By getting artists and refocus on GOD’s will as what’s really important, she enables them to unlock potential and power that can otherwise go unnoticed and/or uncultivated due to wrongful pursuits. 85 Tips helps to ensure that when applied, the life of the artist is never the same, so that the life of those benefiting from their artistry is never the same, either.

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