87% of GMAT Cheat Sheet Users Report Increases in GMAT Scores of at Least 30 Points

The GMAT Cheat Sheet is a type of reviewer for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) that summarizes the math formulas needed for the test in a way that allows its users to complete their reviews faster, easier and more effectively. In a telling survey, a huge majority of GMAT Cheat Sheet users reported that the system dramatically improved their GMAT scores.


Torrrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2013 -- Future applicants to graduate management programs who are preparing to take the GMAT now have an effective and proven review aid at their disposal -- the GMAT Cheat Sheet http://cheatsheetgmat.com -- that guarantees to "make preparing for the Math items of the GMAT a breeze".

In fact, empirical proof of the effectiveness of the GMAT Cheat Sheet recently became available when 87% of its buyers reported increases of 30 points or more in their GMAT scores.

"In the GMAT mock tests I had taken before using the GMAT Cheat Sheet, I consistently scored 31 or 32 in the quantitative portion of the test; on good days, 34, which wasn't bad," shared Jillian Freys, who is currently in the process of applying to some of the top graduate schools in the country. "But after I had reviewed using the GMAT Cheat Sheet for two weeks, my mock scores for the quantitative section began hitting the 40s. I was honestly shocked."

Freys ended up scoring 48/60 in the quantitative section of the GMAT. The mean score of all test takers for that section was 37.5/60.

"I thought The GMAT Cheat Sheet wouldn't be much different from other reviewers I'd seen," admitted Clarence Funto, now an MBA student at a prestigious university, "but I was pleasantly surprised with how complete, systematic and comprehensive its collection of Math formulas was that allowed me to quickly memorize the formulas and review for my GMAT with ease."

The sentiment shared by Funto echoes those of many others who have benefited from the GMAT Cheat Sheet's system that was thoughtfully designed to facilitate reviewing for the GMAT, in turn, allowing users to score significantly higher on their tests.

At first glance, there doesn't seem to be anything particularly remarkable about the GMAT Cheat Sheet because each section begins with the formulas for the topic that a test taker needs to master. These formulas are then followed by easy-to-understand examples of how the formulas can be used and applied. You can read more about all the features.

However, it's precisely the simplicity of the organization style of the GMAT Cheat Sheet that makes it so easy to use and allows its users to effectively review for the GMAT.

"The past GMAT reviewers that I tried to use were so thick and daunting that I was simply overwhelmed by the review process that those review systems expected me to undergo. I didn't have that kind of time on my hands!" lamented Carlson Friegman, who took his GMAT last year. "Thanks to the GMAT Cheat Sheet, I found a comprehensive but realistic way of reviewing for the GMAT, helping me to earn a very high GMAT score that I thought wasn't possible for me."

"As I was going through the Math problems of the GMAT, I was surprised at how similar the items in it were to the examples that the GMAT Cheat Sheet had," Friegman narrated. "As a result, I knew exactly how to go about answering most of the Math items of the test. I was wowed!"

The GMAT Cheat Sheet can be used with any mobile and computer, but reviewers who are more comfortable studying with paper can also print the review sheets that come with free lifetime updates.

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