9 Burger King Franchisees Receive "Safe Workplace" Award


Palm Springs, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- Insurance food industry specialist & broker, McDermott Costa is co-recipient of award for managing the “controllable portion” of Workers Compensation premiums compared to industry average.

What can it be worth to manage insurance costs year round, versus just getting quotes at renewal? What can it be worth to have fewer claims than your competitors? What can it be worth to have better employee training programs and a focus on zero “lost time?"

For Burger King Franchisee
- Delsie Inc.
- Ghai Management
- Sonare Corporation
- Patel Management
- BWD Inc
- Sohrabi Enterprises
- Eureka Fast Food
- HG Foods Inc.
- Golden Gate Restaurant Group

The answer to “what can it be worth…” is these franchisees are paying 24% LESS insurance premium than their average, fast food competitor. (the average Workers’ Comp Experience MODIFIER managed year round by McDermott Costa is 76)

The “Competitive Advantage” Awards are issued annually to businesses and agents who work together year round to create a culture of safety in the workplace and can show a documented 3 year X-MOD history of under 100. ( Average = 100 ) By working together to achieve an X-MOD under 100 the business owner then is able to pay LESS premium than their competitors. (x-mod debit or credit is added to base premium)

Sr. VP Mike McDermott says, “With every employer we try to isolate 3 things that can create the greatest financial improvement. Sometimes it’s improved hiring procedures, sometimes it’s in-house training for frontline supervisors, and then behind the scenes, we always make 100% sure all claims have immediate follow-up and attention paid to claim reserves. I am proud to say we just celebrated with one franchisee over 1,000 days without a single employee having a lost time incident.”

McDermott Costa, has been on a mission to educate franchisees on what is called CPR “Controllable Premium” Reduction. In other words, premium that can be avoided. “Once a business owner becomes educated, I have yet to meet a single person who isn’t a bit agitated when we show them how they are being surcharged anywhere from 10% to 100% more for the exact same workers comp policy -- same coverage, same insurance company - yet that is precisely what happens.”