9 to 5 Cables Offering Quality Cables at Great Prices

One Cable At A Time - Redefining Cable Expectations For The Public


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- For many, it’s almost become a laughing stock just how expensive the humble cable has become in recent years.

That simply doesn’t need to be the case anymore! 9 To 5 Cables is redefining this market by showing people that good quality cables don’t need to come with a price tag that makes wallets shrink in fear.

The company’s mission statement is simple: 9 To 5 Cables brings durable construction, premium components and innovative design together with quality workmanship – with a lifetime warranty – to the consumer at a fraction of the price the other, big name brands are selling them for.

9 To 5 Cables sells cables for every possible home cable need a modern homes, including:

HDMI: Including HDMI to HDMI cables and HDMI to micro- and mini-HDMI cables

Speaker cables
DVI: including DVI to DVI cables
Optical cables
USB cables
Mini Display Adapters

Why should one fill big company’s pockets with more gold to line their pockets when they can buy a product that’s just as good – at a price that they can afford, leaving them with extra money in their pocket to spend on the things that they love. Ordering couldn’t be simpler, and one can do it from the comfort of their own home. Order cables today from the Amazon storefront, or direct from the company’s website.

About 9 To 5 Cables
9 To 5 Cables offer a selection of HDMI, DVI and Audio cables. The company is based in New York and offers their own-brand of cables, designed to extract maximum performance from the audio set-up. They want people to enjoy high quality audio that’s equal to the pictures coming from the HDTV! To find out more about the company, visit the company website, or join in on the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

Contact: Jim Peters
Email: cs@9to5cables.com