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925 Silvers Brags How Wise of an Investment Is Silver over Gold

Silver has always been compared to its infamous counterpart, the gold. A lot of precious metals investors will have second thoughts on investing on silver and often times will go with the gold. Today, silver has turned the table, silver’s market value continue to rise, while gold lags behind. That said, silver is a wise investment over the latter, 925 Silvers brags.


Columbia, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- Silver has always generated a higher percentage increase all through the precious metals bull markets. Silver’s price has tripled in some precious metals bull markets while gold experienced a severe lag. In some moves, silver stepped up four times while gold seemed to lose its game. Also, silver has more industrial uses as compared to gold, with more applications still being developed.

Silver’s industrial applications give silver’s market value a reinforcement. The industrial demand for silver is so overwhelming that since 1990, mine production and secondary recovery are not able to meet silver’s industrial demand. According to CPM Group, a New York metals consultancy, between 1990 and 2003 new production and secondary recovery fell 1,899.9 million ounces short of meeting industrial demand. Also, silver is used for coinage, making the 1990 – 2003 overall deficits to bloat to 2,214 million ounces.

Aside from the production and secondary recovery failing to meet silver’s annual demand for the past fifteen years, the aboveground supplies are also critically short. Some analysts foresee that there won’t be enough supply to meet the demand for silver in the next ten years, resulting to a much higher silver price.

Silver investors are confident, especially the ones that are so engaged into the sterling silver buying frenzy, that silver’s market value will continue to rise. Given the fact that there’s a growing for silver in the industrial sector, some investors truly feel that silver is able the $100 mark. Silver is a precious metal whose price will be greatly influenced by its supply and demand.

925 Silvers states that the best form of sterling silver investment are the jewelries and flatware for they can be used on a daily basis. Silver jewelries and flatwares can also provide a feeling of sophistication once they are worn or used.

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