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93-Year-Old British Fitness Instructor Shows Age Doesn't Need to Stop Exercise


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/02/2013 -- Though many see retirement as a time to relax and slow down, other sees it as a time to increase activity and keep up their wellness habits despite aging. In Britain, 93-year-old Margaret Allen would fall into the second category with her post-retirement activity of being a fitness instructor.

Margaret leads a 90-minute dance based fitness class at a local church in her small town near Middleborough, and has received recognition for possibly being the oldest fitness instructor in the country. Her goal is to make the classes she teaches fun for participants so they stay active throughout their retirement years, which has been shown by research to increase longevity and stave off the many diseases associated with aging.

Her classes consist of 90-minutes of dance with a break for tea in between, and she currently has between 10-18 participants each day. It’s nothing new for her as she’s been teaching classes since 1965, and not only enjoys the physical workout but the social engagement as well.

Outside of the fitness classes, Margaret is also a prolific poetry writer with six published books and work on a seventh. She also enjoys scrabble with friends and playing the piano at her home.

Seeing someone of Margaret’s age continue to engage in physical activity and reap the numerous benefits (enhanced mood, more energy, sharper mentality) can be a huge motivation for the aging population of baby boomers. It’s recently been shown that beginning an exercise program at any age is beneficial, and the longer it’s kept up the more the body responds and improves health.

Age doesn’t have to be a sentence of isolation and inactivity; physical activity such as walking, dancing, or gentle strength training can benefit participants of all ages. And as people like Margaret have shown, the longer one engages the more benefits they’ll have throughout the span of their life.

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