950,000 Children in Nepal Ask for People Around the World to Support an Important Crowdfunding Campaign


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2015 -- The initial reports of the assessment show that a huge percentage of school facilities are either severely damaged or destroyed due to the earthquake disaster in Nepal. That means over 950,000 children will not be able to return to school.

After two devastating earthquakes and over 600 aftershocks that occurred in Nepal in April and May this year, more than 16,000 schools both private and public have been damaged, and about 24,000 classrooms have been destroyed. The new crowdfunding campaign initiated by Babu Lal aims to collect $17,800 to help rebuild 400 schools that were destroyed and repair the ones that have been damaged.

The massive earthquake that hit Nepal caused a huge humanitarian crisis and many countries around the globe came to their aid, sending them food, water and shelter. This was gratefully received, but the problem from the disaster continues, leaving children without education for many months or even years unless people from around the world come together.

The new Humanitarian Relief fund called Nepal's Children pleads with people around the world to support the cause of rebuilding the damaged school facilities. They want to give children a chance to continue their education, as their basic right. This crowdfunding campaign will prevent some long-term consequences, such as child labor, sexual exploitation and child marriage, along with an increased risk of rape, prostitution, violence, fighting and other criminal activities.

The crowdfunding campaign wants to raise enough money to make a difference to children's lives in Nepal. The people behind the campaign want to give the children a good education, a chance to have a future of employment and not poverty. By rebuilding the schools and repairing the ones that are damaged, those children who have been affected could become doctors, nurses, teachers and other roles instead of a life of uncertainty.

950,000 children affected by the disaster in Nepal are hoping the world has not forgotten them and hope they will come together and support the crowdfunding campaign. If the campaign was a success then it would mean schools being rebuilt and repaired, if the campaign was not a success then it could mean an uncertain future for many of those children affected by the disaster in Nepal.

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About The Crowdfunding Campaign
The campaign has been set up to raise $17,800 to help rebuild schools and repair the ones that were damaged due to the recent disasters in Nepal. The crowdfunding campaign will help children return to school and receive the education they deserve.