977 Music Offers Alternative to Radio with New Range of Human Programmed Music Channels

977 Music allows people to use online radio to play a huge range of human programmed playlists from a newly expanded range of different genres.


Port Orange, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- Listening to music is a great way to focus, but when boredom strikes, the same old music in the same order can eat up time as individuals continually skip channels to find something stimulating. The radio provides an alternative by having a DJ organize new music in new combinations, but is interrupted by too many adverts. 977 Music provides a ready solution to this issue by creating human-curated music channels in a vast array of genres, which have been newly expanded to serve even more eager listeners as the site rapidly expands.

The new genres include a Reggae Channel, a Top 40 Dance Channel, a Christian Channel and a brand new EDM channel curated by famous guest club DJs from around the world. Using the site is easy- individuals simply select a genre to be presented with an extensive list of different channels, which they can pick to listen to live, change at will, and explore as they see fit.

The internet radio streaming service is free to use and has a simple player that allows individuals to play or skip through the arranged tracks, so people can always find what they want to listen to from within a massive online music library filled with today’s top artists across all genres.

A spokesperson for 977 Music explained, “We’ve created a way of listening to music that takes the best parts of radio, the best parts of MP3 players and fuses them together. Individuals get exposed to new music from their favorite artists at unexpected times, can discover new and classic hits and can control exactly what they’re exposed to, without the familiarity of a ‘studying playlist’, or the arduous manual editing. The site is designed to be easy and intuitive to use, and because of this, it’s becoming hugely popular.”

About 977 Music
977music offers over 20 channels of handspun, human programmed music channels. Their channels only play the best and most popular music. No unfamiliar music is ever played on their channels, making it a superior choice to other Internet Radio Services. Users can enter an artist and let the site match them with a recommended channel or just chose a genre and let the channel do the rest. For more information please visit: http://www.977music.com/