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99 Percenters Unite Globally on 99PercentTalk.com, Bring Economical Issues to the Forefront


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) --11/11/2011 -- There are millions of people in the United States who do not know how they will pay their mortgage or rent this month. Some of these people have received cuts in salary or have been laid off all together, while others have been subjected in different ways to the economic injustices imposed by large corporations and the government.

All of these Americans want to their voices to be heard and change to be the evidence that they have been.

The “Occupy” movement has been sweeping the nation from coast-to-coast with 99 Percenters openly protesting and voicing their opinions about the state of the economy.

And now, with the recently launched 99PercentTalk.com, 99 Percenters have an online forum to congregate, exchange ideas and talk with other 99 Percenters from all areas of the country. The site features numerous forums to discuss various topics, including an area for Occupy New York, a job forum, and 99 Percent news.

The participants of the Occupy movement are working for a better quality of life for the 99 percent. This leaderless group is represented by people of all races, genders and political persuasions who believe the government only looks out for one percent of population; the upper-class, banks, mortgage companies, insurance businesses and more.

According to 99 Percent Talk, the Occupy movement has succeeded in accomplishing and overcoming many issues up to this point and will continue to strive to make the lives of 99 percent of the American population better.

“Since the arrival of the new grassroots economic justice movement represented by Occupy Wall Street’s, we have helped to block new debit card fees the big banks wanted to impose on millions of Americans; helped homeowners win easier terms on mortgage debt and college grads on student debt; and opened a broad national conversation on income inequality and economic justice that is leading to real change,” states the site. “We will keep working locally, nationally and globally to demand a more just economy and better lives for all.”

As the Occupy movement continues to grow, 99 Percent Talk will serve as a place for everyday Americans to voice their opinions, bring attention to important economic and political issues, and unite 99 Percenters globally.

About 99 Percent Talk
Founded by Conkaranga Technologies, 99 Percent Talk is an online forum allowing 99 Percenters from coast-to-coast congregate, exchange ideas and discuss the Occupy movement. The recently launched site brings economical and political issues to the forefront and helps Americans everywhere stay connected and educated on the issues the Occupy movement is helping to overcome. For more information and to join the conversation, visit http://www.99PercentTalk.com