99 Waves - a Unique Platform Prepared for All Music Lovers

Bringing to fore the new age music to the world, 99 Waves is a unique platform prepared for all music lovers. Here music is more than passion; it is the soul of this electronic dance music label ‘99 Waves’.


West Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- Do you want to hear music that inspires you to get to the dance floor? Do you like to create music that leaves your friends and family dancing with the flow? Then 99 Waves would like to hear your music. A fantastic label to be connected with, 99 waves has a history and expertise that will generate vibes in the Electronic dance music scene. 99 Waves are an up and coming independent E-label which is in search for the best of music makers in the electronic dance circuit.

99 WAVES is a recently formed Italian independent e-label, which is part of the Midi Mood Group, which has made its presence felt in all kinds of genres of music like in the House, Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Minimal, Deep and Techno. 99 WAVES has been brought in to being by the meeting of two Italian independent producers: David Ravalli and Massimo Masi, individually they follow different music styles but share the same raw passion for excellent music.

99Waves was formed to bring forth the best in Electronic dance music to the world. The aim is to inspire youth and music lovers to come and collaborate in releasing popular jamming music that gets the crowd going. It wants to present to the world music that will be a rave at parties and tear up the dance floors. Committing itself to produce more of the techno madness that moves the clubbing crowd, it is looking forward to entertain and light fires to the dance floors with new ground-breaking music. 99 Waves is well aware of the advent of new techno rampage that is driving the new age crowd ecstatic and bringing them back to the club scene again and again.

99 WAVES is an independent Electronic Dance Music label specializing in releasing quality dance music that’s never been heard before. As one of Italy's strongest dance labels, 99 waves is focusing on discovering new voices and new music globally. Traditionally any label would associate itself with one kind of genre of music, but 99 Waves will be creating the best of the best in all genres of music as much as possible. It is looking to release never before heard pioneering recordings that will become classics and be played for years to come. New sounds, new music, new faces and a new platform for artists of the music world, 99 waves will be using the latest technology to produce and work with the best of voices. They are looking for people who share the same passion as the people listening to their music. They aim to be at the top in electronic dance music, and hope to give to the world many gifted artists and unforgettable songs.

“I listened to the Masterminders on the website of 99 Waves and could not help but play it at my party. My party rocked!” Tim Jackson, Las Vegas.

“I heard of 99Waves through a friend and since I love EDM, I follow it. Great Music!” Gary Mitchells Indiana, USA

“If you want to listen to some good EDM go to the gallery page of the website of 99 waves. I did not know it featured so many good artists.” Anna Kiev, Italy

99 Waves is currently inviting artists who know their music and have a demo in place. Provided that their music is at par with the quality and the bar set by them, there is a good chance that your music will be appreciated. Selective in their choice of music, they encourage original music created with love and zeal to present something special in electronic dance music. Do visit the webpage to listen to the feet thumping music of Masterminders and that of DJ Icon Franky ft Orkhan Nasibov. It is one of a kind musical family that is looking to increase its members. The team has decided to have no constraints or conditions on the kind of music they will accept. They are looking forward to create such songs and dance music that will break all charts in the music world. With high hopes and confidence they have already done some good work in the field. With experts in the Italian music scene, they are going global and aiming to release music that will have any human on this planet dancing. They are looking forward to endorse songs that appeal to the younger generation and will be played with fervor for a long time to come. They have artists like Speechless, Your Noise, Orkhan Nasibov and Ki-Bo to name a few.

You can send in your demo through (wetransfer, sendspace, etc.) to demo@99-waves.com. They do not accept demos in any other way. Also be sure that your demo is high quality and over: no cover, remix, mashup and whatever infringes the copyrights law. If you are a dj, music magazine or website and are interested in promoting their press, please write to: office@99-waves.com

Media Contact:-
Name: - Massimo Masi (CEO)
Email ID:- office@99-waves.com
Website:- 99waves.biz