Seo Experts Website Opens to Help Both Recruiters and Applicants


Badajoz, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2013 -- The website is now open for business. They help both recruiters and applicants find each other and help them both ways. They have tools that can help both parties improve their chances of finding each other. To know more about what the website,, is all about and what features you can take advantage of if you are interested in it, please read down below.

What is 9cvs anyway?

The website,, is all about helping both recruiters and applicants. To help the applicants they give them solutions on how to make their resumes better and how to get better job opportunities with a resume builder and a cover letter template. For the recruiters, they give them a way to search applicants better with an orderly manner with a resume search engine. Their website is the tool that these both parties need to smoothen and to quicken the process. The best part is they support different languages and they have technical support to help you when you are having trouble in navigating their website or having problems with some links and tools. They even have Twitter and Facebook accounts to update you on their latest updates and important information about jobs.

What features can I take advantage of?

There are a lot of features for both recruiters and applicants to take advantage of. For Recruiters, you can go to the center of the website and look at the search box with the search button below it. You can find the ones you are looking for with the necessary keywords needed for the search. You will then have a list of possible candidates that have a relation with the kind of job you are having. For example if you are going to enter the word plumber and then press the search cv button, it will list all of the possible candidates that have plumbing experiences in their resume. For the jobseekers, you can take advantage of a lot of tools that can help improve your chances of getting a job interview and possibly a job. If you are having a problem with making the best resume or cover letter for your application process then you can take a look at their reserve templates which you can access down below. If you want to make it more interesting, why not take advantage of their VideoResume tool which is pretty much popular these days. This tool can make you look more reliable because the recruiter can see the look on your face and they can listen to how you can express yourself. If you are tired of waiting for recruiters on answering your applications and sending you emails or calling you for an interview then this tool will be helpful. You just upload your resume and then wait for you to be called because sometimes you get called right away. If you want to take advantage of more premium service though, you can register for an account. This way you can track all of the progress of your job hunting with the help of this website.

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