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A Balanced Approach to Migration from ProStores to Magento


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2014 -- Cart2Cart offers a unique possibility to migrate from ProStores to Magento in a quick and effortless way. Moreover, there are Data Migration Packages for those, who want to save their time and don’t want to be involved in the transfer process.

The news about ProStores discontinue were announced on July 1, 2014 and put a lot of small online retailers into an uncomfortable situation. They were forced to search for a new shopping cart evaluating different solutions to make their business move forward. Magento turned to be a great alternative for many of the merchants, whose e-store is the core of their profitability. Thanks to its flexibility and scalability this solution gained the biggest market share in e-Commerce and now motivates e-retailers to migrate from ProStores to Magento

As next, shop owners have to look for the right service to go through the entire e-Commerce migration process and many of them choose Cart2Cart to switch from ProStores to Magento.

This decision is based on service's reliability and bugless data transfer. Even users without any programming skills can perform the switch of the following entities:

- Products, product images, product extra fields, product attributes, product variants;
- Categories, category images;
- Customers, customer billing address;
- Orders, order statuses, order products;
- Additional: manufacturers.

Worth mentioning that these entities can be moved to Magento in only a few hours. Also, Cart2Cart offers additional options to expand the possibilities of e-merchants business.

- Change products quantity to 100 on Target Store;
- Clear current data on Target Store before Migration;
- Migrate images in products and categories descriptions;
- Skip product thumbnail images migration;
- Strip HTML from category and product names, descriptions.

Free as in Beer Demo Migration

Cart2Cart offers shop owners to try their automatic service migration for free. There is a chance to move up to 10 entities in less than half of an hour to a new online store. So, before launching a full migration, the clients can check the functionality and ensure in transfer process safety and accuracy.

All in One Data Migration Packages

Most of the shop owners are very busy with providing their businesses and have no time to perform the data transfer by themselves. Therefore, Cart2Cart offers Data Migration Service Packages, so online merchants can enjoy newly established stores with minimized efforts from their side. Technical engineers can do all the work for them in a quick and safe manner. Up to date there are two types of packages clients can choose from:

Data Migration Service Packages
Data&Design Migration Service Packages

Their cost depends on the amount of entities chosen for transfer, migration assistance and time of tech support.

About Cart2Cart
Cart2Cart is a service for an automated transfer from one e-Commerce solution to another in fast and easy way. The process is fully automated and does not require technical skills. There are 57 shopping carts supported, as well as a huge range of useful options provided.

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