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Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- Avon beauty products are a well recognized line of beauty products and services that are widely opted by people across the world. The star-craze that is shared for Avon products makes them irresistible and is high in demand. Whether it is the sassy Miley Cyrus or the sexy Salma Hayek, every star has been part of the Avon family as they are the cosmetic products that are an absolute fit for any skin type. Avon is not just about beauty, it is a women’s bay for beauty, self-empowerment and being financially independent.

The launch of the BlogSpot http://avondalgis.blogspot.com/ is an inspiration to many women. Having been closely associated as a representative with Avon, Dalgis Edelson has started this blog to reach out to a wide range of women population who believe in the same cause. In this particular blog she shares the secrets of the stars and their choice of Avon products that have are an easy buy at the Avon store. The new launches and the featured products on the blog provide an insight into the world of fashion and accessorizing. The products are classified according to the star’s choice and the pictures present the way they look with these beautifying products.

There is also a section where the new products exclusively collected and designed by the Hollywood stars are shared on the blog. Avon is a synonym for an exclusive range of beauty products, accessories and trends that set the fashion world. The blog shares the experiences of the stars with the products which makes the products even more unique. The color ranges and the cosmetic ranges can be chosen through the way they are depicted by these stars. This blog is a blessing for those who like to replicate the stars when it comes to choosing their clothing, accessories, beauty products etc.

The blog also leads to the shopping site of Avon from where these products can be purchased. The listed products are categorized according to the star’s choice and are an easy buy. Visit the blog to see the favorite star’s choice and enjoy browsing through the products that are available to be shelved. Contact Dalgis Edelson at dalgisart@gmail.com or call her at 407 914 4648.