ICE Block Cooler

A Beer Cooler That's Cooler Has Arrived Just in Time for Spring


Toledo, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- This ice cooler is one that is impossible to miss. When spring rolls around this year a new cooler will be popping up all over the country. This awesome product is a Cooler cooler design that fits in a freezer and features an impressive blue glow when the power is turned on. When not light up the product looks like an ice sculpture that has been carved from pure ice. It even includes a retractable handle that is hidden when not in use. It is filled with a thermal freezing gel that is sealed into the body of the cooler and freezes below the temperature of regular ice so that drinks are colder than any other device can make them. Any common beverage can be placed into the cooler and it will lightly grip the container and keep cold in. One look at this new party cooler and it becomes apparent that it is the coolest cooler around both literally and figuratively. With the ICE Block Cooler you become the life of the party!

The ICE Block Cooler actually has three product lines of this cool glowing marvel. In addition to their main product they make a version that is for wine and bottles. This wine cooler ice bucket or bottle service bucket is just like their original version except that the can holders have been cut out to make room for the larger bottles. The wine cooler ice bucket version does not include gel and is chilled by adding real ice. The third version is a test tube shots carrier. This test tube shot holder can be used by clubs or at private parties to add some pizzazz to any event. This version is not filled so that it remain light weight for servers to carry around, but still includes the signature blue glow to get everyone’s attention.

Built to support Autism Awareness Month, Light It Up Blue campaign. A portion of the profits from every sale of this ICE Cooler will go towards Autism treatment organizations. 10% of all Autism Speaks merchandise will be sent to Autism Speaks.

About ICE Block Cooler
ICE Block Cooler, ( Based in Toledo, OH, is a provider of cooler products and wine ice buckets to businesses and individual consumers.