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A Better Solo: Extraordinary Story of Man's 'Transformation of Soul' Exposes Resilience of Human Condition

Written by Kevin Louis and based on his own tumultuous life story, ‘A Better Solo: Transformation Of Soul’ cuts to the very core of human strength to depict the author’s journey from homelessness to prosperity. Serving as a wider expose’ on topics including single parenthood, adolescent sexual abuse and poverty – Louis’ compelling story is poised to touch the hearts of others and give them much-needed strength.


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- At one time Kevin Louis thought he had lost all; living on the street and unsure of how much longer he could survive. However, after a series of bold experiences compounded when he met and took care of a homeless victim of adolescent sexual abuse he was further awakened to the humanity within and gave rise to a bold period of self-examination, Louis has since triumphed over his adversity and now embraces a life of emotional prosperity.

Through the release of his powerful memoir, ‘A Better Solo: Transformation Of Soul’, Louis hopes to help others make this transition from victim to victor. The book proves that hope is never lost, and that a way out always exists for those willing to take it.


The extraordinary life of one man's journey from a homeless single parent of three, to a life of world travel . A journey of self discovery that reconciles stories of the worst human experiences and their causes from local life tragedies to the daily challenges of poverty in third world countries.

An awakening of the soul through the tears of the friendless, the homeless, and the forgotten This is the chronicle of. An extraordinary life, an extraordinary journey, with an extraordinary conclusion.

“When you’re a homeless single parent , you really don’t feel there is much worth living for,” admits Louis. “That was once me, and I can’t believe that I now live a life of true happiness, global travel and one steeped in love from my family. In this book I expose the local challenges that I faced by awakening my soul through the tears of my fellow friendless, homeless and forgotten individuals.”

Continuing, “However, after accepting certain revelations I discovered life’s justices and the pain of others empowered me to change. I lay out my entire journey of self-examination that culminated in a change of heart and life, so that others can replicate it to find the light that never fades.”

Due to the success of this first book, Louis has recently announced that he plans further releases.

“In my second book I examine the wider struggles I encountered that many of us face to survive and will continue to tie them in with my own story. I have plenty of experiences and to share that could not fit into this first volume and, if I can help others, I refuse to stay silent,” he adds.

‘A Better Solo: Transformation Of Soul’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1lTC2hx.

About Kevin Louis
Born the youngest of six siblings on 9/20/1962, raised in Ft.Worth Tx, father of one son and two daughters.