A Bipolar Entrepreneur Rethinks Suicide when an Elephant Tells Him Not to Give Up

With ADD, Dyslexia and Bipolar weighing him down, and failing at over 100 business endeavors leaving him depressed, hopeless, insecure with suicidal tendencies, Efrain E Guerrero was headed for tragedy. But it all changed quickly with the advice of an elephant; Okay, and Tim Ferriss too.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- Efrain E Guerrero is not your typical Entrepreneur. He has a hard time sticking with projects and businesses once he starts them. He gets excited about an idea, jumps in full throttle only to realize that it’s not for him, he quits, gets depressed and starts over again. Every time his self-esteem getting lower and lower. He was considering taking his own life when one night after crying himself to sleep an elephant said to him, “I am Pisoongu and I am telling you don’t not give up, persist and you will succeed.” Then as the elephant started walking away he said “Think of me daily.” That was it, that’s all it took, a dream. Efrain said it was the way this baby elephant looking so mystical and peaceful said it. It got him thinking this has to mean something.

Two days later he saw Author Tim Ferriss doing a CreativeLive workshop and Tim talked about how he wears a dog tag the reads, “Never Never Never Give Up”. It was at that moment that Efrain realized Pisoongu was meant to inspire. Efrain came up with an acronym for Pisoongu: Persist In Spite Of Obstacles Never Give Up. He was inspired and motivated to turn Pisoongu into a Motivational Lifestyle brand that actually holds people accountable. Efrain is his first customer and says he will not quit. He will persist in spite of obstacles and never give up again. He plans to start Pisoongu StickWithIt Clubs where people can get inspired, motivated, educated and most importantly be held accountable.

The Pisoongu Dog Tag necklace will kick off the brand and is meant to be read every day to motivate. Efrain is using his graphic design skills to start a line of Tees that will soon follow. He will be giving 50% of all sales to Big Brother Big Sister Charity because he feels kids need positive mentors who will hold them accountable and motivate them to reach for the stars and that’s what does.

You can learn more about the Pisoongu Motivational Lifestyle brand below.
Efrain E Guerrero, Founder & Member
San Diego, CA 92101