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A Blog Discussing Several Reasons That Taxpayers Should Not Face the IRS Alone Has Just Been Published by Nick Nemeth, a Dallas Tax Attorney

Nick Nemeth, the Founder of The Law Office of Nick Nemeth PLLC, warns that the IRS is far too powerful to take on without professional help.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- Nick Nemeth, the Founder of The Law Office of Nick Nemeth PLLC, has written a new blog entry for his web portal discussing important strategies for facing the IRS. The blog, titled “Don’t Take On The IRS Without Help: Three Reasons You Need a Tax Attorney on Your Team” asks taxpayers not to face an IRS dispute without help.

Nick Nemeth writes, “This month, Americans across the country will pay their taxes to the IRS. And while nobody likes handing over their money to the government, if that’s the only interaction you have with the IRS, consider yourself lucky! This year, thousands of taxpayers will face audits and additional IRS disputes. They will discover why the IRS has come to be such a feared and disliked agency. An IRS dispute can be very stressful, and if you should find yourself in a dispute with the agency, it is very important that you have someone in your corner. Here are three reasons why you need a tax lawyer on your team:

1) Once the IRS comes after you, they won’t stop. The IRS is nothing if not persistent. Once they’re decided to pursue a taxpayer, they won’t let go. This can lead to considerable stress and time-consuming interruptions throughout your day. An IRS attorney can deal with the agency on your behalf, putting a stop to harassing phone calls, letters, and personal visits.”

Nick Nemeth’s Law Office focuses on practicing tax law in the DFW locale. They partner with individuals and with business owners to fight the adverse effects of IRS enforcement. Click here to read the blog - LINK.

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About Nick Nemeth
For Nick Nemeth, IRS problem solving goes well beyond saving money for his clients. As a tax attorney and business owner who has practiced law for more than 15 years, Nemeth runs the Law Offices of Nick Nemeth, a small boutique tax law firm located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The firm works to help individuals and businesses overcome their IRS problems.

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