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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2013 -- "Tough watches may not look as pretty as fashion watches but they are in the first place, not meant for the fainthearted. To qualify as a tough watch, a watch should not fail under all circumstances", says Spencer. Having been a tough watch enthusiast and collector for fifteen years, Spencer seeks to share with fellow tough watch enthusiasts, his in-depth expertise. With the wealth of knowledge on hand, he hopes to straighten the learning curve for anyone who wants to pick the ultimate tough and rugged watch.

ToughWatches.Net blog author, Spencer, has this peculiar obsession with rugged watches. His fascination with tough watches started many years back. Being a guy who enjoys extreme sports, he found himself having to look for a new watch every few months. Most of his watches failed to cope up with his extreme lifestyle.

Whether one is climbing the highest peak of Mt Everest or penetrating the deepest ocean. As human beings, we need to keep track of time regardless of what we do and where we are. But every watch is designed to be different. Some watches are meant as pretty accessories to complement the elegant dress worn at cocktail parties. Some watches are meant as reliable partners to help accomplish mission critical tasks. It is important to firmly establish what you expect from a watch. A pretty looking watch cannot be tough and a tough watch cannot be sweet looking. Many watch seekers make a mistake by demanding the best of both world and a 'jack of all trade' is what they get in the end.

"Is there any tough watch other than G-Shock?" The question is interesting because one may think that the answer has to be either a 'yes' or 'no'. Without putting things in proper perspective, a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer is too superficial. There is no universal definition of toughness. A watch may be shock resistant but vulnerable when exposed to chemicals such as detergents. It depends on one's definition of toughness. If one's only concern is shock resistance, such watch may be considered tough but not otherwise.

With three decades of history, reputation of Casio G-Shock for producing some of the world's toughest watches is unparalleled. G-Shock may be tough but it lacks the style variety. Depending on one's definition of toughness, one may find certain alternatives from brands such as Seiko, Citizen, Luminox and Omega that are aesthetically appealing. Still, these brands are not tough watch specialists and tough watches make up only a fraction of their overall collection.

"Ruggedness and look are not the only factors to consider when selecting tough watches", says Spencer. Unlike fashion watches, tough watches are made to last with some of them lasting for as long as more than five or even ten years. A number of this type of watch has been released only in limited quantity which makes them much sought after collectors' items. "One may not be able to make big money out of this, but it is always good to know that you are among the exclusive few in the world who own a piece of history"

While the goal is to find a watch that is tough, the hunt for a tough watch does not have to be tough. That is the goal that Spencer is trying to achieve when he launched ToughWatches.Net.

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ToughWatches.Net is a blog dedicated to provide easy to understand guide when it comes to tough watch selection. With years of obsession and dozens of experiences in picking tough watches, Spencer highlights the important aspects that one should consider and expect when buying a tough watch.

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