A Boutique Seller of Gold Flakes Made by Mom


Santa Clara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2014 -- An idea born out of a question of what non-food item to bring into her child's class for his birthday sprang the beginnings of a business. When a local San Francisco area mother was frantically looking for an item to bring into her son’s kindergarten classroom for his birthday to distribute among his classmates, she was stumped on any idea of what to bring. She could buy some trinkets made in China to give to the children, but was unable to hand out the traditional birthday cupcake due to school rules. Ironically, while browsing to buy cupcakes for her son’s soccer team at a local bakery with some pretty overpriced baked goods, she saw a cupcake on display ordained with gold flakes. Suddenly, an idea popped up in her head, that she should create a treasure for the children to have, a mini bottle of gold flakes. She then purchased gilding sheets from a local art store, crumbled the sheets into flakes, stuffed them into bottles and sent them with her son to his school. The feedback she received was amazing, the kids loved the “treasure, and the parents especially loved the non-sugary gift.

The very next day the business was born, the local mom received compliment after compliment from other parents about where to buy them. But they were not available for sale in any shop or store. This brought out the entrepreneur inside the local mom and she opened up a simple website to sell packaged gold flakes online, so that anyone who didn’t want to make some themselves could purchase some in the comfort of their own home. It became a great gift idea for all occasions, weddings, birthdays, Christmas, celebrations and any other special events. After the website was setup, the business boomed and has blossomed into a family run boutique providing a quality product at an affordable.

About Quality Product from the Mountain Flakes Family
As the mountainflakes.com boutique gears up for Christmas the family enterprise has added silver and copper flake bottles to their lineup that already included gold flakes. They all are bottled beautifully in a small bottle sealed with a cork. Although mountainflakes.com is a small family business they provide a professional customer service experience with a personal touch.

The gold flakes bottled by mountainflakes.com are from genuine gold mined in North American mountains and refined into gold leaf by refiners. The “scrap” gold flakes are then purchased by Mountainflakes.com and bottled. The purity of the gold flake varies, but is not cost effective for smelting. The silver flakes from mountainflakes.com is mined in Nevada and refined into silver sheets, where we then precede to flake it. Each bottle contains a variety of silver flakes in differing purities. The copper flakes sold by mountainflakes.com are originally extracted from the pit of an Arizona copper mine before they are refined for copper leaf destined for the art and home decorating industry. The “scrap” copper flakes are bottled and corked and then shipped to their wonderful customers.

To learn more about them and their bottled gold, silver, or copper flakes, you can visit their website at mountainflakes.com where all orders are dispatched quickly, with tracking.

Contact Details:
3561 Homestead Rd #776
Santa Clara, California 95051-516