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A Brand New Website Is Launched - A New Concept for Giving an Alternative Gift


Chailey, East Sussex -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- A totally new concept in present giving arrives just in time for Christmas.  A new website has been launched called

IpromiseIwill enables someone to send a pledge to help or spend some quality time with a friend, family member or colleague - and to seal that promise with a donation to charity on their behalf. The recipient is sent an email with the promise, so there is a printable record of the offer.

The promise can be anything, such as IpromiseIwill paint the spare room, walk the dog, babysit, do the shopping, stop smoking, take you out to tea or cook you a special meal.

The website is vibrant and attractive with easy to follow instructions and many ideas for pledges, provided by brightly coloured dots which can be clicked for  suggestions, some of which are donating to charity in honour of someone,  without the offer of physical help.  The website is sized so that it is easily used on a tablet or mobile phone as well as a larger computer screen.

There is an over whelming shift towards minimalism. Global disasters and awareness of how fortunate some are is also having an effect on consumerism. Most people are over loaded with stuff these days when what  they  really crave is time with a friend or help in someway in their busy lives.  Sending a promise is about getting back to basics and helping someone.

The launch of IpromiseIwill is timely as the Archbishop of Canterbury has just warned that the over the top consumerism at Christmas puts families under immense pressure.

People need  to feel useful and wanted, most people would love some extra help in some way, plus there are so many charities to give to that do such wonderful work – the website is just a vehicle to bring it all together and give some physical evidence of the offer.

Charities available to donate to online include Centrepoint, Save the Children and International Animal Rescue. All of the charities involved have worked with I promise I will from the start and have provided endorsements on the website.

An alternative gift of  time is not just  for Christmas. The website states that there is a possibility to make someone happy any day of the year, and provides a vehicle to  show the recipient that one cares.