A Break from Cell Phone Contracts - Welcome to Solavei

Never has any cell phone company ever offered a way to give back to their customers like Solavei. Earn residual money and be able to have the best cell phone contract today!


Geneva, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- What is Solavei? Solavei is the newest cell phone company today that promises a great nationwide 4G network and also an opportunity to earn through their company. It’s a bit hard to believe but the truth is, Solavei is revolutionizing the way companies do business.

For only $49 a month, Solavei can provide a cell phone plan that dares to push the limit in the best cell phone plan on a 4G nationwide network. Aside from the incredibly low price for unlimited data, text, and voice, the company also has a great surprise for customers.

The company offers their customers the opportunity to monthly income by spreading the word about Solavei and encouraging people to sign up to their amazing cell phone plan. If people compare cell phone plans, one would realize that Solavei offers the same services for a fraction of the price. Customers can actually help others realize that they have been spending too much on their cell plan and sign them up for Solavei.

In order to earn through Solavei, one simply has to sign up for their $49 a month plan. The first step is to find Solavei phones that are compatible, and the great thing is that any unlocked GSM phone will work. Then they can start spreading the word of having an amazing plan with unlimited services. If they were able to encourage a friend, family member, or even a total stranger to sign up for the plan then they can reap the rewards. Depending on the number of people the customer are able to encourage to sign-up will determine the amount they can earn.

About Solavei
Solavei is a company that pushes to be the most affordable and reliable phone network available today. As a young cell phone company, they have the right tools to make a big splash in the mobile network arena. Their services are great compared to other networks and they have an awesome way of rewarding customers. All in all, there really isn’t another cell phone carrier out there that can compete with Solavei’s low price point and reward program.

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