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A Cat, an Elephant and a Teeny, Tiny Witch: Artist-Turned-Author Anne Buffington Brings Whimsy, Humor and Magic to Her Unique Children's Book

In her magical debut, celebrated artist Anne Buffington turns a conversation with a friend into a tale that is sure to appeal to children of all ages - transporting readers to a world with a little witch who rides a dragonfly (she is too small for the broomstick, you see), a cat who is always getting into trouble, and an elephant who just wants to help. ‘What’s in That Cat’s Ear’ blends enchanting characters, valuable life lessons and a good dose of humor too!


Chesapeake Beach, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- A chance conversation started it all. Over coffee one morning, artist Anne Buffington’s friend Howard told her how when he was a little boy, his Grandfather told him that an elephant lived in a cat’s ear. Buffington remembers thinking it was a wonderful, quirky concept – and in that moment, her book, ‘What’s in That Cat’s Ear’ was born.

As the author explains, she has been an artist all of her life, with paintings in private collections throughout the United States. “In the past two years I decided to expand my creative world and write and illustrate children's books. It hasn't come without its challenges, but that's just part of how the creative spirit works. In the end, I feel that I have produced something different and unique in children's reading and that in itself as been very fulfilling.”


A Children's Book about a Cat, A Witch and A Magical Spell. Travel along with the cat who accidentally meets up with a teeny, tiny witch. The cats ends up in a heap of trouble and gets the elephant involved in the problem as well. This is a story with an unexpected ending which will tickle the funny bone. Come along for the adventure.

Buffington is mindful that her book is not only a fairytale that will fascinate children, but also a tool for teaching cherished life lessons.

“Many times in life, things that seem to go terribly wrong are just the things that end up bringing about the happiest of results. Friends can come from many different places, and may appear to be the most unapproachable, but in the end, they are the ones who turn out to be the best friend you ever had,” she adds.

Continuing, “Life can throw many curve balls, and it is up to you to make lemonade out of lemons.”

Readers are captivated by the mystical tale.

Trish writes: “What a delightful story, totally creative and imaginative, my kind of story and rhyming!!! My grandchildren will love it. Thank you Anne Buffington for a great child's story and grownups too!!”

Classicslover was equally as charmed: “If you've been wanting a child's book that tells a tale that is pure fun and maybe just a little bit nonsensical, then this might be the book you are looking for! It unveils the fable of a cat, an elephant, and a very peculiar witch whose spells don't always come out like they are supposed to. Unpredictable things happen when these 3 stumble across each other but the outcome will probably surprise you. I've just ordered several extra copies to give to all the small children in my life. I know they will love it.”

‘What’s in That Cat’s Ear’ is available for purchase now from Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/18PfDCa.

About Anne Buffington
Anne N Buffington, born in Pennsylvania currently living in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. "What's in That Cat's Ear", is Anne's first book, based on a story told to her by a dear friend. Anne is primarily an artist concentrating in oils and has painting which appear in private collections throughout the United States.