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New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- Any mobile owner or game addict is aware of the phenomenal success of Flappy Bird and how its success raced up the high ranking app table, and even though it has been removed from the app store by its creator on 10th Feb, its addicts and admirers just can’t seem to have had enough of it.

Well here’s news for all Flappy bird game lovers as it is available for play at  and anyone can visit the site and enjoy the game here. The extraordinary success of the game and its sudden ending has somewhat contributed to the success of the game, as even after being rated as the #1 free game app to be downloaded in 53 countries, its sudden pulling out of the app store increased the craving of its fan and now they are eager to get more.

Although there are already a dozen copies of the game available online however none are able to deliver the same interest as the original Flappy bird app. Initially named as Flap Flap by the game’s creator Dong Nguyen, a Vietnam based game developer, who has many other games to his credit as well, changed the game’s name to Flappy bird due to unavailability of the “Flap Flap” option. The bonafide success of the game led many developers into seeking in the psychological reasoning behind the phenomenal success of Flappy bird, however no definite answer was found. Furthermore the game’s success continued to grow until it came to the extent that no one who has ever played the game could let go.

To satisfy the thirst of the game that the Flappy bird lovers are so much eager to quench, the game in its original form has been made available at . The site offers user experience that is unmatched by any other and offers the same game play experience as the original version of the app.

Irrespective of whatever anyone might say about the game, Flappy bird is undoubtedly the best ever game known not only for its addict qualities but it’s simple and endless game play. Although the game has been criticized as being not original as well, but who cares whether an app is original or not in a world already full of fakes. And as long as it succeeds in delivering fun time and engaging experiences, Flappy bird is a hit and game players are already seeking ways to indulge in their favorite app once again.

So for those who cannot afford to buy a mobile set which has the game installed in it in what is being called as “outrageous sums”, the next best option to enjoy the original game is to log on the new game site of the Flappy bird that is offering the same fun and experience as the game lovers remember from some days ago. And for those who were insane enough to not know what the game that conjured 16 million tweets and 50 million downloads really was there is still is a chance to experience its fascination and obsession.

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