A Chicken Dinner by Any Other Name…Could Be Embarrassing

It all began with the author’s grandmother. Her novel way of describing a chicken dinner made for nervous laughter and red faces. She freely interchanged the word “chicken” and “cock.” Grandma was completely innocent of the slang term, but the family was never quite ready for the “cock bomb”. For some people it might have meant counseling but for Steve Scearcy, the author of GRANDMA’S OLD COCKBOOK, the result was a humorous cookbook focusing on chicken..


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- Steve Scearcy spent much of youth on a mid-west chicken farm with a grandmother who was a great cook with an interesting vocabulary. A dinner invitation from grandma was often embarrassing, leading to misunderstanding and family trauma! The results were always funny stories and great food. Steve turned these experiences and his Grandmother’s chicken recipes into a humorous cookbook that will appeal to cook and non-cook alike.

The kitchen should be a place for the perfect combination of food and laughter. But cooking today is portrayed as serious business in magazines, competitions, and television shows. “Grandma’s Old Cockbook” puts the smile and the belly laugh back into the kitchen. The book features funny stories that explore why every good food should “taste like chicken” and why, giving someone the “bird, ” is not so bad. There are unusual recipes like Rooster’n Nut Butter and Ginned up Hens that will make for interesting Sunday dinners. The book also features “Far Side” like cartoon, as chickens of the world attempt to “Ban This Book” and stop it’s success.

The idea for the book occurred, in of all places, a hospital. As the author’s mother was convalescing in ICU, the two began reminiscing about “Grandma” and her unusual way of describing a chicken dinner.

“Before long we were laughing so hard that nurses were coming in to remind Mom she was sick! We shared why we were laughing and soon every nurse that came on duty stopped by for a ‘cock tale.’ I actually began writing the book in that hospital room.” Scearcy said.

The book is available on the internet at and sells for $12.00

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