A Complete Know-How to Starting a Business Online


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2013 -- A seventeen minute video presentation has launched an efficient system that gives instructions and insights to starting a new business online with complete and reliable information on the companies involved at a low entry price and even lesser monthly maintenance.

It isn’t easy being part of a busy demanding world that runs on expenses and savings alone. Unlike 10 years ago everyone is either seeking or interested in supplementing their income. This has increased the need to find ventures that can help one sustain the growing costs of expenditures in this fast-paced world. Online business success has now become the need of the hour for those who are looking for more money. It is a key phrase for people in and around the world. In this context, many are on the lookout for small businesses and franchises that have the capability of pulling great returns. However, this isn’t an easy task. Starting a business enterprise isn’t a cakewalk. It requires expertise and more than availability of resources alone. Initiating a venture on the wrong foot can lead to a huge loss of money instead of reaping large benefits.

It is in this scenario that Mike Thomas, a self-employed entrepreneur, has come with an interesting and unique business setup that gives the blue print to everything that a brand new business needs. The video starts with explaining a setup that revolves around three companies that all complement each other is such a way that the members or new business owners make profits by just watching or managing the business set up. These companies were selected on such a basis that they complement each other and nurture an enterprise together. The first company is the product company that provides the inventory or the products to sell, the second company is the company which provides valuable leads (interested individuals) to whom Company 1 products could be sold and the third company involves itself with the generation of sales that come with selling products of company 1 using company 2 product which is leads. Additionally, the video gives a complete disclosure of the details involving the set up in a short and comprehensible video presentation that sparks one’s interest from the beginning. Unlike many presentations that reveal daunting details of sales, expenses, profit and revenue, this presentation reveals much in the absence of figures and graphs. Some of the other features that are unique to this business set-up include:

- Well-researched- around 8000 hours have been spent on researching on Company 1 for its financials, products and compensation plan. This has led to a guaranteed assurance of its dominating influence on the market
- Qualified leads or potential buyers - Company 2 provides the best leads for Company 1 products, they over 100,000 individuals on a monthly basis to potentially buy Company 1 products
- Unlimited Inventory of Company 1 products to sell
- 100 percent return on every product sold.
- This complete Setup offered at a small price of $684 and a monthly fee of $284
- On an average, each member receives four sales a month totaling $1700
- Monitor on your time- Members spend on average one hour anytime during the day with their new business, mostly checking to see how much they made. However, if one is looking forward to earning more, this can be regulated according to your time spent online.
- No requirement for advertisement or promotion as this setup is all inclusive.
- Excellent process for entrepreneurs, franchise seekers, home business enthusiasts and anyone who wishes to make money on the internet.
- Special bonus of professional blogging service for 90 days is provided with immediate sign up.

"It is a great and sound opportunity at a extremely reasonable price to start your new small business"- John, Texas

‘I couldn’t believe it until I started a setup on my own, I am a proud owner of a growing small business that is super easy’- Jane K., LA.

"I was looking to buy or start a franchise and this is so much better." Vince T, NJ.

"This is a perfect setup to supplement my retirement income, thanks" Charles A. FL.

As one can see, this unique small business setup ensures a long list of features that every owner wants with a new business venture. In addition to all of this, Mike offers a one-to one training session on immediate sign up.

This small business set-up is a product started by Mike Thomas who has been working as a self-employed entrepreneur and has been doing extensive research on Mergers and Acquisition (M & A) for years.

Media contact
Name: Mike Thomas
Email ID: mergersspecialist@gmail.com
Website: www.NoCashToFastCash.com
Phone number: 832-365-7515