A Cosmetic Chemist and Barber Have Developed the Carson Apothecary Range to Give Men the Ultimate Shave

A new shaving collection has been launched to provide a gentle care for skin. The new English made Carsons Apothecary Shaving Collection meets all the standards for best quality, safety and affordable price to ensure full customer satisfaction.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2015 -- For many years now men and barbers have been looking for products for the perfect shave. Many men find when they have a shave they damage their skin or their skin feels itchy, according to some reports that is why some men do not shave. Now, thanks to a barber and a cosmetic chemist who came together to fin a real solution, a new line of cosmetic products for men was launched to offer the ultimate shave.

The cosmetic chemist and barber developed the new shaving collection that will allow men to enjoy their shave instead of worrying about their skin. The new collection consist of three products: 6 Shave Creams called 5* Shaving Formula, 6 Oil-based Pre & Post Shave Protectors, and 6 Facial Hair Conditioners (beard oils).

The special Carson's Apothecary Shaving Collection made to provide a gentle care for skin and to make shaving much easier. The collection contains three different products, as follows:

- 6 Shave Creams called 5* Shaving Formula helps to easily cut-through without clogging to razor. This shave cream contains both Coconut Acid and Glycerin that softens the hair and protects the skin. The product costs £21.95.

- 6 Oil-based Pre & Post Shave Protectors includes Rosehip Oil that carries multiple natural benefits to the skin, such as skin nourishment and protection. The product also contains Almond & Grapeseed Oils that soften the beard and lubricate the skin. It should be used before the shave to protect the skin and after shaving to restore the natural balance and defend against ingrown hairs and shaving rash. It is offered at the affordable price of only £19.95.

- 6 Facial Hair Conditioners (beard oils) support the nourishment of the new growth and smooth the skin. The product could be ordered for just £19.95.

'We wanted to develop a collection that executes the perfect shave so bringing the barber and cosmetic chemist together to work as a team during development was essential." Says Steven O'Neill

The Carsons Apothecary Collection can be found exclusively at

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